Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BB19 Nude: Christmas Gives Us One Last Nip Slip for the Road

Big Brother 19 has been a winning season when it comes to nudity; right from the start we were seeing houseguests naked and of course the shining moment was when Elena went completely topless. Although Elena was the nudity queen of the season, Christmas was doing pretty well for herself too...until the moment she broke her foot.

Christmas was one of the most energetic houseguests in the beginning of the season and didn't care too much about being seen naked as evident by her first nipple slip, but it all literally came crashing down when Christmas fell with Jason in the backyard and was injured.  Somehow Christmas has spent the majority of the season in a cast but has survived until the final three, and thankfully before it was all over, we got to see her boobs one last time this season.

Of course the cameras haven't tried to catch Christmas too much since her injury since they might come off as real pervs, but now that she's semi-mobile again it seems like one last glimpse was OK.  During the season Christmas even mentioned that she wants to pose for Playboy, so we know she has no problem taking her clothes off and we already reported that she has posed nude for Inked Magazine.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Big Brother 19: The Best of Jessica

Big Brother Jessica Tits
She was the houseguest that wanted us to know right away in the pre-season interviews that her boobs were real, then she was in a showmance and having sex within days of being in the house - Jessica Graf was the houseguest on Big Brother 19 that we wanted to see more and more of, but her eviction ended our hopes early of seeing even more early, but that's not to say Jessica didn't give us PLENTY of great visuals this season.

Unlike Natalie from Big Brother 18 who was a prime nudity target last year but ultimately was careful enough to not show us too must, in Jessica's case it seemed like she was pretty free in the house but the cameras didn't do their job as far as staying on her in the shower or while having sex multiple times with Cody; but even though we didn't get every angle we wanted, we feel like Jessica is definitely deserving of a post showcasing her hottest moments in the Big Brother 19 house.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

BB19 Nude: Raven Topless in the Shower

BB19 Raven Topless
It's been a pretty great Big Brother season for nudity already, but there is always room for improvement especially when it involves a houseguest we haven't seen too much from yet. While Elena has by FAR been the nudity queen this season so far, Raven has still been catching eyes (including her showmance Matt) and now we have the topless shot many of us were hoping for.

In most seasons, the shower is a key spot to see the female houseguests topless, but this year the boobs have been out everywhere else so much that looking in the shower hasn't even been a big thing yet. Thanks to the fun-loving cast this year that enjoys pranking each other in the shower, we got a great view of Raven's boobs as she was getting ranch dip poured on her by her showmance Matt.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

BB19 Nude: Alex Boob Slip

BB19 Alex Nipple SlipBig Brother 19 has been the season that keeps on giving so far when it comes to nudity; from Elena going fully topless to Christmas' nipple slips (pre-injury,) the BB19 house has been pretty wild and we're loving it.  Of course you have a few female houseguests that are willing to show skin, there are always others who don't seem to flaunt much and you don't expect to see anything...Alex was that girl this year until her boob fell out of her bikini top.

As evident form episode one, Alex was the tough competitor that "didn't need a man" to help her win and she's proven that again and again.  While many of the other girls jumped right into showmances, Alex instead steered clear and opted to focus on playing the game.  This attitude didn't make Alex any less hot, so seeing her boob was a real unexpected treat.

It all happened pretty casually as Ales was in the kitchen "adjusting," and if you blinked you might have missed her nipple being out for a second.  Unfortunately Alex caught it quick and pulled the old hand bra to cover up and get her "girl" back in.  Luckily the flashback feature is our friend so her our caps of Alex with her boob's to hoping the girls relax even more as the season goes on since it's still very early:

Thursday, July 6, 2017

BB19 Nude: Elena Goes Completely Topless

A record has definitely been set for our blog - it's very rare that any one houseguest would get three nudity posts in a single season much less in the FIRST WEEK of the season, but BB19's Elena has accomplished this and her latest escapade is a full on topless extravaganza!

On day one of the live feeds we got a full frontal flash from Elena, then we posted how she hadn't learned from her one time flash since she always has her boobs hanging out, but today all the rules went out the window as Elena went straight topless as she changed clothes and delivered one of the best boob shots in Big Brother history. As soon as her boobs were out for a couple of seconds, Christmas reminded her about the cameras guessed it, Elena supposedly "forgot about them" again.  We realize it may happen a time or two, but at this point we have to wonder if Elena realizes that the more boob seen = the more fans gained.

Beyond the cameras, it's the fact that Elena freely gets naked in front of any other female in the house and doesn't think twice about it.  We're used to seeing houseguests at least try to be modest and turn away from the other houseguests, but it's like Elena really wants the other ladies to know how big and nice her boobs are...and we wish they would return the favor to her.