Monday, April 10, 2017

BBCAN5 Nude: Ika Nipple Slip While Changing

BBCAN Ika Nipple Slip
So far Big Brother Canada 5 has been a lot like other seasons when it comes to nudity in that the cameras try to steer clear of such things, but the shining moment this year has been that the returning veterans are the ones giving us the goods.  First we got a Neda nipple slip in the shower, and now Ika has given us an unintentional boob shot as well.

Normally when former houseguests return to the house for another season, they are super careful to not let the cameras catch any nudity since they've been out of the house and know what is captured on the Internet; somehow this season it seems the returning ladies are pretty laid back about such things, and Ika has even entered into a showmance with fellow houseguest Demetres - something she said she would never do in the house.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Big Brother 16's Amber Borzotra Nude Modeling Photos and Sexy Music Video

Amber Borzotra NakedIt's a pretty rare case when we can post that a Big Brother houseguest has given us nude content AFTER they've been on the show, but that's what we have today with these super hot video and pics from Big Brother 16 alumni Amber Borzotra.

We actually posted Amber Borzotra nude modeling photos just before she entered the Big Brother 16 house in 2014, but now she's kept the goods coming by continuing to take her clothes off long after her season's end.

You may remember that the most memorable thing about Amber's time in the Big Brother house was that fellow houseguests Caleb was a bit obsessed with her; needless to say, Caleb didn't get Amber in the end and she's back to giving us hot content regularly in various videos and modeling shoots.

The thing is, during her time in the Big Brother house, Amber came across as a good religious girl and didn't do anything questionable in the house. Our first thought was that maybe Amber took naked modeling photos earlier in life and had since turned around and really was the good girl that Caleb wished he could marry, but here she is back to shaking her ass and appearing to be straight hungry for complaints here because Amber is one of the hottest Big Brother houseguests in history.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

BBCAN5 Nude: Neda Nipple Slip in the Shower

Big Brother Neda Nip SlipFor years many have said that Big Brother Canada is a better overall Big Brother presentation than the American version; for us, it's been a back and forth battle because while "BBCAN" has casted some hot ladies, their camera people just don't seem as perverted as the ones we're used to.  Thankfully, this season we've got some great camera work that has already captured a nipple slip from Canadian favorite Neda Kalantar.

During Big Brother Canada season 2, Neda was one of the ladies we hoped to catch changing clothes or of course in the shower, but it seemed she was always busy with her big dumb hockey player showmance or else the cameras were sure to cut away at the perfect times.  We did get a super brief glimpse at her boobs in the shower but the camera was approximately a mile away at the time.

When it was announced that there would be returning players for Big Brother Canada season 5 and Neda was one of them, our hopes actually weren't up too high because we figure returning houseguests would be EXTRA careful not to be seen being they've been out of the house and know what sites like ours capture, but somehow someway, the Canadian houseguests still don't realize that the shower door doesn't close all the way.

Monday, December 12, 2016

BBOTT Nude: The Best of Morgan

BBOTT Morgan FlashWhen the announcement was first made that Big Brother would be back in the fall with an online-only version of the show, my first thought was that we had a great chance for seeing a season with less censorship and more of what we want to see....mainly nudity.  When the show kicked off, we had uncensored language and feeds with none of the events blocked out - in many ways it was the style of Big Brother we've been waiting for....

With all its potential, we started taking note of which ladies may be the first ones we'd get to see some nudity from, and Danielle and Morgan were the first ones we looked at simply because they were tall and we all know tall ladies are almost definitely going to be seen in the Big Brother shower.  Unfortunately, the camera people seemed to mainly want to look at Danielle topless in the shower because they simply refused to give us any up close shots of Morgan for some reason.

While production absolutely failed us at getting a great view of Morgan's tits in the shower, we lucked out in that Morgan was one of the houseguests this year that didn't seem to realize that the cameras are always on always looking because she had multiple instances of wearing tiny bikinis, bending over, dropping her pants, and yes even not covering up in the shower at all so we did indeed get to see her boobs.

Monday, October 10, 2016

BBOTT Nude: Danielle Topless in the Shower

BBOTT Danielle NakedBig Brother Over the Top hasn't even hit the 2 week mark yet but we've already seen some nudity - and it seems like there's a chance we could see much more this season.

This new fall season of Big Brother has been getting rave reviews thus far - probably because its already been better in many ways than all of the past few seasons; one of the big shining points is that there seems to be a cast of more regular people who aren't "experts" on the show or just there to get famous - which also means most of the ladies aren't aware that the cameras will show them nude if given the chance, so they aren't attempting to hide much at all.

At first look of the female houseguests, we figured Danielle and Morgan would be big possibilities for topless shower views due to their height, and sure enough those two have not been covering up the shower and all and leaving the view wide open for the taking - problem is (probably because it's only been a little over a week) the cameras are staying wide and haven't zoomed in on every chance to get a shot.....until now.