Tuesday, September 11, 2018

BB20 Nude: Angela Full Vagina Flash From Behind

BB20 Angela Vagina
We may have a historical post here on our hands as I don't believe the headline "full vagina flash from behind" have ever been written on this site. Thanks to Angela, we now have this bit of history and there is no better season the Big Brother 20 to mark the moment.

It all took place as Angela was fresh out of the shower and in a towel (Angela already had that infamous towel moment earlier in the season when she lost her towel completely.) Normally we're lucky if we get a full frontal flash of sorts that may offer a bit of a bush (or bush-less) view, but this has to be a first. Angela proceeds to bend over to get something from a cabinet and her vagina was in clear view in the process.

Angela seemed to notice that she probably just showed her womanhood to the world as she stood up quick and pulled her towel down in the back, but then proceeded on like nothing. Angela seems to be the type to say "OOPS my pussy was just on camera, oh well what's done is done. No one else was around her at the time so live feeders were the only one to get this gift.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Big Brother 20 set a real standard right out the gate when we saw nudity from almost every female houseguest during the very first week of live feeds! Since then the numbers have of course dwindled, but that has also opened the door for Angela to go from being the girl you barely heard anything from to becoming an outspoken force in the house.

Of course during week one, we saw Angela completely lose her towel and briefly expose it all, but now she's given us a much more clear nipple shot. As stated above, Angela seemed like she'd just be the hot girl that said nothing all season (which would have been fine as long as we got to see her naked) but she's turned into a savage in the house that tells it like it is and has given us some quality TV moments.

So along with winning her second HOH and telling it like it is during numerous ceremonies, Angela has still given us plenty to look at it. This instance happened as she woke up from a nap and her boob had popped out of her bra. We got a nice nipple shot here since Angle didn't realize she was exposed (and we're not even sure that she would care much.)

Monday, July 9, 2018

BB20 Nude: Kaitlyn Boob Slip

Big Brother Kaitlyn Boobs
Every year during the Big Brother season we hope to catch nudity from as many of the ladies in the house as possible; Big Brother 20 has become more about which houseguest can give us the MOST nudity. We're not even two weeks in, and Kaitlyn is apparently going to be a front-runner for BB20 nudity queen.

First it was a nipple slip, then we saw a distant topless shot, and now Kaitlyn has given us a full boob slip. As we've seen on the live feeds, Kaitlyn is majorly flirting with almost every guy in the house even though she's claimed she has a boyfriend. It makes you wonder if she's just unfaithful or if this is part of her strategy being she hasn't followed through with anything with the guys in the house (yet.)

The nudity from Kaitlyn is just so casual, it almost seemed like it was also part of her strategy with the guys except this time her boob fell out in front of Bayleigh. We basically had a bikini top fail as Kaitlyn sat up and her top fell down exposing one of her tits. She again didn't have much reaction, just treated it like no big deal (love that) and went on with the conversation. Most years we see this sort of thing happen and the person acts mortified like there life is forever changed - Big Brother 20...not so much.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

BB20 Nude: Angie Rockstar Slight Nipple Slip

You know it's an absolutely stellar season for Big Brother nudity when even the mom of the cast is getting in on the action. Of course this mom is called "Rockstar" after all so it's actually kind of fitting for her to show us what she's got too.

So the reason "Angie" is referred to as "Rockstar" is because there is already an Angela in the house, but one look at Rockstar and there's no doubts as to why the name fits. Usually when there's a mom in the house who is slightly older (Rockstar is only 34) she's the one to remind them about behaving and not being caught naked or having sex on camera; but Rockstar? she's too busy twerking, yes twerking her way around the house.

Needless to say, Rockstar is a different breed and she's got a lot of ass that she doesn't mind showing, but now she's also given us a brief glimpse of her big boobs while changing tops. She was talking to Faysal (that guy seems to always be around the nudity in some way) and sure enough her nipple was briefly exposed.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

BB20 Nude: Kaitlyn Topless in the HOH Bathroom

Big Brother Kaitlyn Topless
We can pretty much state at this point that most of the women in the Big Brother 20 house do not realize how much the cameras catch on the live feeds. It's how things used to be in the good old days of Big Brother when every houseguest wasn't an expert on every aspect of how things worked. It seems like this season we have someone naked almost every day; we already reported that Kaitlyn had a pretty good quality nipple slip a few days back, and now she's gone full on topless in front of the cameras.

So part of this look at Kaitlyn's topless boobs might make you think that she didn't realize the cameras would see the corner of the bathroom, but the fact that she was walking around seconds before just holding her robe over her tits makes us think she might want the guys to get a peek. Moments after she was just hanging out in her HOH room without a shirt and casually holding her robe over her tits, Kaitlyn walked into the bathroom, went over to a corner and dropped the robe as she proceeded to put it on correctly.