Saturday, August 31, 2019

BB21 Nude: Christie Goes Topless While Changing

BB21 Christie Sexy Boobs
We're getting down to the final few weeks of Big Brother 21 and even though this season's apparent nudity queen Analyse is gone, the comfort level for the other ladies seems to be getting to the point that getting caught naked on camera may not be as big of a deal. Earlier in the season we actually got a glimpse of Christie's nipple but now she apparently is good with just turning her back to the cameras (even though they're everywhere) and going topless when changing clothes.

There have been a few moments this season that showed us that Christie has deceptively big boobs and we've been in hopes of seeing more of them. Actually we've hoped for a lot from Christie since she's openly lesbian and has talked about having a crush on Kat, but sadly we never got to see any real girl on girl action there. What we have seen is Christie somehow surviving week after week even though she has been directly targeted but always seems to find a way out of the situation. What that translates to our world is more chances for nudity!

So after all this time and quite a few close calls, we finally got to see Christie's tits again as she went to put her bra on after showering. Both Nicole and Jessica were in the room so Christie isn't too shy about being around ladies with her boobs out (insert lesbian joke here.) While it was a quick flash, it was full on topless this time instead of a brief shot of her pierced nipple, she just set the ladies free.

Monday, August 19, 2019

BB21 Nude: Analyse Begs for Power in a Thong

BB21 Analyse Ass
We are deep in to the Big Brother 21 season as we're past the halfway mark and we've already had a great amount of nudity and debauchery in the house. Some houseguests have had sex everywhere and some still aren't sure what is actually shown on live feeds. Analyse has been a star in all those respects this season, and now she's shown that she knows what to do to get what she wants.

It seems like every season at least one of our posts has a unique title that we haven't used before; today is that day for Big Brother 21 as we don't think we've ever had a post that had a title that described a houseguest begging anyone (or a camera) for a power while in a thong, and we can thank Analyse for that.

If you've followed the show this week, you know that Analyse and Christie were nominated by Jackson and both are desperate to get off the block. Analyse is one of those that doesn't seem to fully understand the Big Brother game and thinks that begging America for a power will somehow help her. Well, we'd give "Sis" anything she wants as long as she's in that thong when asking for it.

Before this we've only seen a couple of brief butt shots while she changed clothes and nothing was really post-worthy, but to have her full ass out on display while she pleads to the cameras - yes, we consider that post-worthy.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

BB21 Nude: Analyse in See-Through Shirt - Basically Topless

BB21 Analyse Topless
We're just over a month into Big Brother 21 and Analyse continues to be the nudity queen of the season thus far. As we stated in our posts about her previous nipple slip, it's almost amazing we're seeing her tits so much given they are probably the smallest and the house and should be easy to hide...but we're glad she doesn't care to.

It's come to the point now where Sis is wearing transparent white shirts with her boobs on full display on the feeds, well until she put a bra on that is. She was having a convo with Kat (who seemingly is the person everyone is comfortable being naked in front of) and put on a bra so her boobs weren't completely visible.

If just seeing both of Analyse's boobs through a shirt that was nearly wet-t shirt level, she lifted it to briefly flash a full nipple as well. Then if all that wasn't good enough, she decides she doesn't like the bra she put on and decides to put on another which results in even more of a boob show.

The view below basically shows us what Analyse would look like topless, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see the full show as well. With the terrible shower doors that prevent us from seeing all the boob that we used to, the ladies this year sure are making it easy to see them regardless.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

BB21 Nude: Kat Vagina Flash

BB21 Kat Pussy Slip
We hate to say it this early, but it's becoming really hard for NSFW not to love this season of Big Brother. From the nudity to the sex to the houseguests straight up not wearing panties - thanks to Kat we've now really seen everything she has to offer.

It seems that every year the boobs and butts are plentiful on the Big Brother live feeds, but vaginas not so much. Of course even the most risque houseguests are careful about not letting their lady parts be seen, but Big Brother 21 is definitely different. Earlier in the season we had Kemi taking a look at her own vagina, and now Kat has taken it to the next level with a legs open no-panty shot that shows us she really doesn't have a care in the world.

Kat had already given us a pretty decent nipple slip, had already had sex with Jackson before the feeds even started, so spreading her legs and letting us see EVERYthing is welcome and acceptable in our world. Coincidentally, Kat was talking to Holly when this happened and Holly is the one who is currently having sex with Jackson in the house - all in the Big Brother family!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Big Brother 21 Nude: Bella Naked Ass

Big Brother Bella Nude Ass
The Big Brother 21 nudity has been steadily streaming in and today we have a new houseguest to add to the list in Bella. It's actually surprising it took this long to see Bella naked since she's already in a showmance with Nick and they've had sex in the house. We had a few instances that had us feeling pretty sure Bella would slip up eventually, but we didn't think she'd just straight drop her panties on cam.

As the ladies get more comfortable in the house, changing clothes in front of each other has become the norm for most of them. It seems as if most wear thongs and being in their underwear in front of each other is already no big deal. Isabella has taken things to the next stop obviously as she is comfortable with her nude ass being out in front of the other girls.

At this point Bella has to know the cameras are always on, so it must be a situation where she feels a naked butt is no big deal as long as she's not showing her vagina or anything. Both Jessica and Sis were in the room when Bella dropped her panties and changed them, so her level of shyness has definitely dropped in the short time she's been in the BB21 house.

Being Bella is having sex with Nick (and showering with him) in the house, showing her bare butt, we almost wonder how comfortable Bella will eventually get. Since she seems to be the source of a lot of the drama that is stirring in the house, we hope she continues to drop her clothes on cam before the other send her packing. For now here are some shots of Bella's naked ass as she bends over to change her panties:

Thursday, July 11, 2019

BB21 Nude: Sis Upside Down Boob Slip

BB21 Sis Topless
We love when we get a NSFW first in a Big Brother season but they truly are rare these days, but we think we may have one today. Of all the nipple slips, completely topless moments, the sex, the showers, etc., we don't think there has ever been an upside down boob flash. Thanks to Sis who has become a NSFW legend in the making in only 2 weeks, we now have one.

As mentioned before, Analyse has very small boobs so we didn't think we'd get to see them at all, then we saw them for the fist time thanks to a bikini wardrobe malfunction of sorts. Then just a couple of days ago she carelessly lifted her shirt and exposed her full boob on cam. Today she's just straight doing handstands and flashing both boobs briefly. She actually had just put a sweater on over her shirt, but without a bra, those boobs apparently just can't stay off the feeds.

Sis immediately realized she just flashed us all and apologized. Leave it to Cliff to point out that she just made CBS "a few million more dollars" in live feed sales - true, Cliff knows whats up. Sis also pointed out that she "doesn't have anything to hide" and she's "not working with anything" in reference to her tiny tits - but as the others in the room pointed out, no one is complaining.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Big Brother 21 Nude: Analyse Full Boob Flash

Big Brother 21 Sis Nude
The Big Brother 21 nudity continues to stream in and we're continuing to love it. We really haven't seen houseguests in years that are so unaware of the cameras and of what actually gets seen. While production isn't letting us watch all the sex that is going on with all the showmances in the house, the ladies are being so free that we're regularly getting boob and ass shots. After already giving us a nipple slip, Analyse is back flashing her entire boob this time.

Recently on the live feeds, Sis talked about probably being viewed on TV as the girl who is just there and does nothing. While that may be true for viewers who only watch the CBS show, live feeders definitely know that's not true. Sis has been having sex with Jack regularly and is talking about it openly with the other girls. The belief seems to be that live feeds don't show sex (true so far) but we can definitely hear that they're talking about it.

Outside of having sex multiple times in the house, Sis also regularly wears skimpy clothing that makes it easy for wardrobe malfunctions to occur. Such was the case this morning as she basically wore a piece of material that functioned as a shirt. While Analyse doesn't have the biggest boobs in the house by far, we're getting to see more of them then we ever imagined. You'd think her small boobs would be easier to hide but she's making no effort to do so.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Big Brother 21 Nude: Kat Nip Slip

BB21 Kat Nipple Slip
Big Brother 21 has gone from a bit of a slow starter to a steady stream of all kinds of debauchery. Besides the accidental nudity, we've already got houseguests making controversial comments and plenty of sex happening in the house. Sadly, so far production isn't letting us see the sex which definitely takes away from the "live and uncensored" aspect that made the live feeds so popular. We're going to hope it's just a case of being more cautious at the beginning of the feeds before letting loose as times goes on. For now we have another nipple slip and as we expected, it's Kat delivering the goods.

We posted before that Kat was present for nipple slips from both Analyse and Christie, and that it would only be right for Kathryn herself to give us one too. It's really no surprise that we're getting nudity from Kat since word has spread that she was having sex in the house with Jackson before the feeds even started. The non-showmance between the two has been addressed on the show, but the sex hasn't although it has definitely taken place.

Kat has come across as a bit of the crazy one this year, especially after her "are you bitches conspiring against me" reel on the CBS show. So she's a little crazy, and she has a hot body, we can deal with that. The nip slip below occurred as Kat was adjusting her bikini top, and she didn't even react to the fact that her boob was just out on the feeds.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

BB21 Nude: Kemi Vagina Flash

BB21 Kemi Naked
It took a few days to get rolling but the Big Brother 21 nudity is really flowing in now! After nip slips from both Analyse and Christie just hours apart, today we're taking things a bit..lower thanks to Kemi.

This one is a bit hard to explain; boob shots are a pretty regular occurrence on Big Brother but vaginas are a bit more few and far between. In most cases any kind of nude slip is due to changing clothes or maybe a towel malfunction, but in today's case it looks like Kemi just decided to have a look at how her lady parts were doing in plain view of the camera.

That's basically all we can say about this one, Kemi just pulled down her bikini bottoms, checked out her vag, and we're guessing everything appeared to be OK. Kemi actually has bigger boobs than we we first thought so if she suddenly feels to suddenly pull them out for a tit check, we'd be absolutely fine with that too.

BB21 is suddenly surprising us with the nudity comfort as we didn't expect to see much of this until a couple weeks in. Actually the fact that we're seeing nipples and vaginas this early has us excited for what's still to come! Here are the caps of Kemi's random vagina inspection:

Saturday, June 29, 2019

BB21 Nude: Christie Nipple Slip

Big Brother Christie Nipple Piercing
What's the best thing that could happen when a Big Brother season starts and you finally get a nipple slip? A second nipple slip happens just shortly after!

Earlier today we posted about Analyse's nipple slip that happened with Kathryn was helping her adjust her top; now we have Christie slipping a nip as she was talking to Kat in the HOH - is Kathryn the goddess of nipple slip good luck this season? We'll have to make a judgment on that once we see Kat herself naked.

So while the HOH conversation was going on, we noticed Christie was sort of rubbing her hands over her nipples - were they hard? Was she horny? As it turns out, she may have been making some..."adjustments" so to speak. Seconds after Christie was feeling on her nips, she pulled the straps down on her top and gave us a nipple peak, and also revealed that she has pierced nipples! Yep, a little bonus with a nip slip never hurts.

BB21 Nude: Analyse Nipple Slip

BB21 Analyse Nip Slip
Big Brother 21 is in full swing and we've got a hot cast that we hope to get a lot of content from. So far things have been kind of borderline - the ladies are holding up towels for each other so they can change clothes without being seen on camera, but on the other hand they aren't being overly careful at all times. Case in point, super hot soccer player Analyse being our first featured nipple this season.

It's taken a few days for us to get a decent nipple view because it seems as if Big Brother 21 will be the season of ass. Just about every lady in the house has been rocking a bikini that has their asses completely out - maybe all that will warrant a "Best of BB21 Asses" post. Back to the boobs - so Analyse has one of the hottest bodies in the house and it's been talked about by multiple other houseguests. While she may not have the biggest boobs (Jessica will not be beat in that category,) it was nice to get a little nipple peek just a few days in.

What we have is Kathryn helping Analyse (or "Sis" as she is called in the house) adjust her top, and sure enough we get a quick view of her nipple. While it's not a full on topless shot, we hope things will get more relaxed as the season goes on and the BB21 boob shows will be more plentiful. For now here's a glimpse of Analyse's nip:

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

BB21: Jessica Milagros Lingerie Modeling Pics

Jessica Milagros Lingerie
Big Brother 21 is upon us and of course as is tradition, we've already been checking out the new cast to see what we'll have to work with all summer. It looks like we'll have some great targets, but our first post as it turns out is on a houseguest we didn't expect to find any early content on at first glance.

Of course Big Brother is notorious for featuring some hot model types in every cast, and in some cases (like Rachel Swindler from BB20 and Christmas Abbot from BB19) who had already done some nude work prior to Big Brother. When first glancing over the Big Brother 21 cast, Jessica Milagros didn't jump out as someone who may have some sexy work in her past - she's married, 30ish (yes that's actually the age they posted) and her big boobs told us straight out that she wasn't the stereotypical model size (no hate, just the fact.) So what's her occupation? Model of course!

That's right, it turns out that Jessica Milagros is a plus size model, and one that isn't afraid to show what she's got. She's claimed in her initial interviews that she's out to prove that all bodies are beautiful, so it's going to be very interesting to see how much she openly shows during the season (especially on live feeds.)

Friday, February 8, 2019

BBCeleb Nude: Natalie Eva Marie Slight Nipple Slip

Natalie Marie Nipple Slip
Unfortunately the cast of Celebrity Big Brother season 2 has mostly been a careful one when it comes to not allowing much nudity on camera. Even so, the star of the season has undoubtedly been former WWE Superstar Natalie Eva Marie. Even without many fully naked views, just Eva Marie in a bikini was a show all in itself.

So now that we're entering the last few days of the season and sadly, Natalie Eva Marie is on the block, it's only fitting that we at least get a nipple slip before it's all over. Her boobs were outstanding this season and they really made use wish we had the full 3+ months to see more of them. It sucks that production tries to protect the celebrities and makes sure the shower doors are high etc., because Eva Marie really could have given our site some outstanding content.

What we do have is a brief nipple slip from Natalie as she pulled the straps up on a tank top. She really should get an award for managing those huge melons and always figuring out a way to keep them hidden. We knew we at least had to get a peek at her nipples at some point, and that's what we have today.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

BBCeleb Nude: Dina Lohan Ass Flash

Dina Lohan Nude
When we first learned that Dina Lohan was cast on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, our immediate thought was of all the nudity her daughter Lindsay Lohan has provided us over the years. Our second thought was "hey, she's only 56, maybe she will deliver some MILF nudity herself in the Big Brother house!"

While Dina has been labeled the "Momager" due to her job managing her kids' careers, she's pretty much played the older mom role in the house thus far too. Then today suddenly she threw on a super short dress and gave the cameras something to think about. As she searched the entire house for her lost glasses, suddenly she was bent over a bed and her ass was in plain view.

The cameras frantically switched angles and zoomed out, not knowing whether to look or look away (probably like many viewers since the mom figure in the house usually isn't the one flashing her bare ass.)

Now seeing Dina Lohan's ass alone is enough for a post topic, but there is an even bigger question looming: was Dina Lohan even wearing panties?!  As you'll see in the pics below, Dina was wearing a very short dress with either TINY panties or nothing at all under. Did she forget about the cameras? Did she realize she needs more camera time since the cameras are usually focused on trying to catch something from the likes of Natalie Eva Marie? Maybe she just thought no one would be that perverted as to look....wrong.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

BBCeleb Nude: Natalie Eva Marie Bikini Boobs and Braless

Natalie Eva Marie Boobs
We had a feeling after we announced that former WWE star Natalie Eva Marie had been cast on this season of Celebrity Big Brother that it wouldn't be long before she gave us something to post about. Surprisingly it took longer than expected since it's been a week and Natalie has kept her huge boobs fairly well hidden.

It seems that with a few people already evicted, Eva Marie may be getting a little more comfortable as she decided to walk around braless after bouncing her breasts around in the hot tub for a few minutes. Her tits get attention every time they're in any kind of view because they really are just huge.

The trip to the hot tub included Lolo and Tamar who marveled at Eva's tits that were somehow held in by some sort of super strong bikini top. Then when the motion in the pool was turned on it was a true boob bouncing bonanza. After the pool the girls hit the shower and Natalie put on a mere tank top that had no chance against her mass of breast.

Without a bra, a thin piece of cloth does nothing to hide Natalie's boobs and it was basically like her walking around topless. We've got some caps below of Natalie Eva Marie's boob show and a nice ass shot as she entered the shower as well. We're definitely hoping she keeps getting more comfortable, less careful, and stays throughout entire time the Celebrity Big Brother feeds are live:

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Former WWE Star Eva Marie Cast on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

Celebrity Big Brother Eva Marie Nude
We were glad to see Celebrity Big Brother is coming back for a second season and today the list of houseguests was
 revealed. For us that means we immediately start zeroing in on our nudity targets, and we definitely have one in former WWE and Total Divas star Natalie Eva Marie.

Of course our hopes are high for seeing Eva Marie naked on Celebrity Big Brother because...well, look at her; but also because nudity has been a subject that came up on her previous reality show, Total Divas.

The topic stirred a bit of controversy on that show because some of her fellow WWE stars Googled Eva Marie and found some pretty naked modeling pics she did prior to WWE. Eva explained that the pics were taken during a "dark time" when she was heavily drinking, but since then it's become apparent that Eva has become even hotter and in great we're ready to see a happy and healthy Eva Marie naked on the Big Brother live feeds!

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