Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BB16 Nude: Brittany Topless in the Shower

Big Brother Brittany Martinez BikiniEvery year when the Big Brother season kicks off, we always run down the list of ladies in the house and rank which ones we'd like to get a peek at in the shower; never did we think a mother of three would be topping that list, but that's exactly what has happened with Big Brother 16's Brittany Martinez.

Of course Brittany isn't the typical mother of three you would expect to be cast - she's 29, freshly divorced, and obviously started having kids early in life.  She has shattered the stereotype of what you might think of when you think of a mom of 3 and is actually a contender for the most fit girl in the house.  On top of all that, she has a pair of great boobs that are a legit cause of debate as to whether they are real or fake.

So of course the hot mom with great boobs would be a top target for the Big Brother fans that enjoy a good peek in the shower, and finally we got a glimpse after all hope was almost destroyed; we say this because earlier in the season, Brittany revealed that she wore nipple tape in the shower to ensure no one got a glimpse - a deplorable act by any means in the Big Brother house.

Thankfully the hassle of wearing nipple tape is gone and Brittany is now taking showers nude like a normal person, and that means we've got a few shots of her topless boobs complete with nipple while she showered.  This makes us glad the nipple tape idea went out, because those boobs were meant to be seen!  Great job Brittany for giving us the best show of the season thus far!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BB16 Nude: Amber Borzotra Naked Modeling Pics

BB16 Amber NudeBig Brother 16 is just around the corner and the digging has already begun regarding the new houseguests and their histories.  Of course there is usually at least one houseguests that has posed naked at some point in their past, and this year it's BB16's Amber Borzotra delivering the goods first.

Amber is described as an esthetician from North Hollywood, but of course many of the houseguests have backgrounds in acting/modeling that aren't always mentioned at first.  These modeling pics showcase Amber in various states of semi-nude, and even a few shots that show nipple - which puts Amber at the top of the list of houseguests we can't wait to see on the new HD feeds!

So here is our first bit of NSFW Big Brother 16 excitement thanks to Amber Borzotra and the season hasn't even started yet!  We hope she is this open to showing this much skin in the house!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Nude: The Best of Rachelle Naked

Big Brother Canada Rachelle NudityBig Brother Canada 2 has come to an end, and of course on this page we are always looking to find the best nudity moments from a given Big Brother season.  While Big Brother Canada season 2 didn't have any real under the blankets sex type moments (because the majority of the house was spoken for) it did have it's fair share of nudity, and at the center of the majority of it was houseguest Rachelle Diamond.

It became apparent pretty early on that Rachelle didn't care too much about us seeing her naked on the feeds, as she would walk around pretty openly with her bare ass exposed:

Big Brother Canada Rachelle Ass Rachelle BBCAN Butt Big Brother Canada Rachelle Ass

Not only was Rachelle ok with us seeing her ass, things got way more interesting when it became apparent that she wasn't a big fan of wearing underwear.  This led to many nights of side boob and nipple flashes, but the real eyebrow raiser came when we started realizing she wasn't wearing anything "down below" either!  Few ass shots, maybe some up the front views, nothing outrageous...until we realized...what was that hanging out of Rachelle's shorts?  Yes, that's right, Rachelle didn't even wear panties when she was on her we know this because her tampon string was plainly visible hanging out of her...self.

These captures caused a bit of controversy apparently as Rachelle's family even tried to get some people to take them down from social media pages, but come on now, you don't wear panties while wearing a tampon....especially when on a national show?

After Rachelle's "tampongate," it was basically a free for all and no other nakedness could shock us.  Rachelle didn't bother to make sure the shower door was closed when she was showering which gave us a view of her topless boobs and then some:

Big Brother Canada Rachelle Shower Nude

So of course, with all the naked views of Rachelle we got all season, there was only 1 body part left that we really needed a good view of to make Rachelle the nudity star of Big Brother Canada Season 2....and yes we got a vagina shot as well:

So there you have it - Rachelle Diamond nude all season on Big Brother Canada 2; we will miss watching "Roro" shower and hardly ever wearing panties or a bra around the house.  She has set a new standard for live feed enjoyment that will be tough to follow.  Big thanks to "Desh" from for capturing so many of these great naked moments.

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