Saturday, July 7, 2012

BB10's Keesha Smith Nude Pics from the Movie "Fear Chamber"

So far in the Big Brother house there hasn't been much nudity going on, and I know many of you come here for our uncensored coverage of the Big Brother girls, but it's still early and there just hasn't been anything yet, although a couple of nights ago Keesha mentioned to the other houseguests that she had been in a movie and had briefly shown her boobs.

Well of course, we had to track down the info., and now we have it here. Keesha was in the 2008 movie "Fear Chamber," and in the scene she appears strapped to some sort of table her something, and her boobs are indeed exposed for all to see. I'm sure some of you may have preferred a raunchy sex scene rather than a horror movie scene, but hey, it's something to look at while we wait for this seasons Big Brother nakedness to start up. So here are some caps from Keesha Smith in Fear Chamber:

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