Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BB16 Nude: Amber Borzotra Naked Modeling Pics

BB16 Amber NudeBig Brother 16 is just around the corner and the digging has already begun regarding the new houseguests and their histories.  Of course there is usually at least one houseguests that has posed naked at some point in their past, and this year it's BB16's Amber Borzotra delivering the goods first.

Amber is described as an esthetician from North Hollywood, but of course many of the houseguests have backgrounds in acting/modeling that aren't always mentioned at first.  These modeling pics showcase Amber in various states of semi-nude, and even a few shots that show nipple - which puts Amber at the top of the list of houseguests we can't wait to see on the new HD feeds!

So here is our first bit of NSFW Big Brother 16 excitement thanks to Amber Borzotra and the season hasn't even started yet!  We hope she is this open to showing this much skin in the house!

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