Monday, July 9, 2018

BB20 Nude: Kaitlyn Boob Slip

Big Brother Kaitlyn Boobs
Every year during the Big Brother season we hope to catch nudity from as many of the ladies in the house as possible; Big Brother 20 has become more about which houseguest can give us the MOST nudity. We're not even two weeks in, and Kaitlyn is apparently going to be a front-runner for BB20 nudity queen.

First it was a nipple slip, then we saw a distant topless shot, and now Kaitlyn has given us a full boob slip. As we've seen on the live feeds, Kaitlyn is majorly flirting with almost every guy in the house even though she's claimed she has a boyfriend. It makes you wonder if she's just unfaithful or if this is part of her strategy being she hasn't followed through with anything with the guys in the house (yet.)

The nudity from Kaitlyn is just so casual, it almost seemed like it was also part of her strategy with the guys except this time her boob fell out in front of Bayleigh. We basically had a bikini top fail as Kaitlyn sat up and her top fell down exposing one of her tits. She again didn't have much reaction, just treated it like no big deal (love that) and went on with the conversation. Most years we see this sort of thing happen and the person acts mortified like there life is forever changed - Big Brother 20...not so much.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

BB20 Nude: Angie Rockstar Slight Nipple Slip

Big Brother Angie Rockstar Topless
You know it's an absolutely stellar season for Big Brother nudity when even the mom of the cast is getting in on the action. Of course this mom is called "Rockstar" after all so it's actually kind of fitting for her to show us what she's got too.

So the reason "Angie" is referred to as "Rockstar" is because there is already an Angela in the house, but one look at Rockstar and there's no doubts as to why the name fits. Usually when there's a mom in the house who is slightly older (Rockstar is only 34) she's the one to remind them about behaving and not being caught naked or having sex on camera; but Rockstar? she's too busy twerking, yes twerking her way around the house.

Needless to say, Rockstar is a different breed and she's got a lot of ass that she doesn't mind showing, but now she's also given us a brief glimpse of her big boobs while changing tops. She was talking to Faysal (that guy seems to always be around the nudity in some way) and sure enough her nipple was briefly exposed.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

BB20 Nude: Kaitlyn Topless in the HOH Bathroom

Big Brother Kaitlyn Topless
We can pretty much state at this point that most of the women in the Big Brother 20 house do not realize how much the cameras catch on the live feeds. It's how things used to be in the good old days of Big Brother when every houseguest wasn't an expert on every aspect of how things worked. It seems like this season we have someone naked almost every day; we already reported that Kaitlyn had a pretty good quality nipple slip a few days back, and now she's gone full on topless in front of the cameras.

So part of this look at Kaitlyn's topless boobs might make you think that she didn't realize the cameras would see the corner of the bathroom, but the fact that she was walking around seconds before just holding her robe over her tits makes us think she might want the guys to get a peek. Moments after she was just hanging out in her HOH room without a shirt and casually holding her robe over her tits, Kaitlyn walked into the bathroom, went over to a corner and dropped the robe as she proceeded to put it on correctly.

Friday, July 6, 2018

BB20 Nude: Bayleigh Boob Show

Big Brother Bayleigh Topless
In less than a week of Big Brother 20 live feeds, we reached the monumental milestone of seeing half of the ladies naked already. It's only fitting that the second half of BB20 ladies deliver as we head into week two. We've mentioned how these girls don't seem to be anywhere close to as aware of the cameras as most were in recent seasons, and Bayleigh proved that once again by applying lotion on her boobs in almost plain view.

Apparently these girls really think that if they just face away from the other houseguests and toward a mirror they won't be seen; we're glad none of these people have watched the live feed coverage very closely.

After her shower, Bayleigh proceeded to rub herself down with lotion while still in her towel, and she didn't miss an inch including her boobs. Faysal was in the bathroom area talking to her at the time, and she pretty much was holding her tit in her hand while having a conversation. It was actually so much boob that we had to check out the view from two different angles on the live feeds! We caught a brief glimpse of her nipple and a whole lot of boob - definitely has us wanting to see more of Bayleigh naked.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

BB20 Nude: Haileigh Full Boob Slip

Big Brother Haileigh Breast
This has to be some sort of historical milestone because we are just under ONE week into live feeds and we've got nudity from no less than HALF of the ladies in the Big Brother house already. We've had our share of towel mishaps and even a nipple slip, but it's none other than sweet southern Haileigh that gives us a full on boob shot!

We're really starting to think that having at least one veteran in the house for the past few years has hurt the frequency of nudity; either that or we're just really lucky this season.  Haileigh has been portrayed as the sweet southern girl, but she's been in the mix of some showmance controversy already as her relationship with Faysal has stirred up some drama with Kaitlyn. Haileigh and Faysal were even caught under the covers a few days ago by Kaitlyn, and hence the "sweet southern girl" persona fades by the day.

Haileigh's blooming showmance with Faysal could lead to some interesting things if they both stay in the house, but we didn't have to wait long to see a full boob as the two were hanging out in the lounge. It was all pretty out of nowhere as Haileigh went to adjust her shirt and suddenly BOOB OUT COMPLETELY. Faysal didn't notice, but "Swaggy C" definitely got an eyeful as he was having a conversation with her at the time. She was quick to cover up after realizing her boob was out, but it was too little too late.

Monday, July 2, 2018

BB20 Nude: Kaitlyn Nipple Slip

Big Brother Kaitlyn Topless
The ladies of Big Brother 20 have come to play...well it's too early to know how well they play actually, but they sure are getting naked! We are no less than four days into the live feeds and we've already seen nudity from Rachel, Angela, and now Kaitlyn can be added to the list! We don't want to say "best season ever" yet, but if this keeps up...

While both Rachel and Angela have suffered major towel malfunctions, Kaitlyn gave us a classic tease with a good old fashioned nipple slip. It happened while she was putting on what appears to be a bikini tip and was in need of some assistance. She had Brett help her (because you know, there are no other females in the house) and the camera was all over it as one of her boobs was exposed.

Now if you've been watching the live feeds, you may have noticed that Kaitlyn is talking about a boyfriend she has at home, but she is also flirting with many guys in the house and having her help with her boob adjustments and such. Maybe she's just smarter than we realize and knows that working the sex factor and showing a little boob will get her further in the game (and on our site!)

BB20 Nude: Angela Loses Her Towel

Big Brother Angela Naked
Big Brother 20 truly is a celebration of our favorite reality show, and we who love Big Brother nudity are not being left out of the party. Just a few days into the season, and two of the hottest ladies in Rachel and now Angela have already given us full frontal nude glimpses.

We wrote previously about the cast of all new houseguests this year seem to either not be aware or not care about the cameras watching at all times. In this case, Angela completely lost her towel and just acted like it was no big deal since they all know each other now or something (have we mentioned we like her a lot?)

BB20 Nude: Rachel Full Frontal Flash

Big Brother 20 Rachel NakedWe're the first to admit that our expectations for Big Brother nudity are set almost unrealistically high every year. Maybe even more so this season not only because it's the big number 20, but also because (as we reported) new houseguest Rachel actually did a topless scene before we ever saw her in the house. So all things considered, it's very fitting that Rachel would be the first to give us nudity in the house this season.

One of the joys of having an all new cast without any returning veterans is that there is less chance of anyone warning them about the cameras watching every second.  Usually it's a warning to cover up in the shower or not to change in front of the cameras since the veterans have been out of the house and know whats ends up on sites like this one. Sadly the past few seasons have been plagued with veterans, but Big Brother 20 is a fresh cast and pretty unaware thus far of being naked on the feeds.

So Rachel was the first to flash us this season, and didn't even seem to realize she may have been seen. It's a quick flash no doubt, and actually a bit tricky since she turns away to open her towel, but thanks to the magic of mirrors, all you have to do is look to the right and you get a glimpse of Rachel's boobs and maybe a quick vagina shot.

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