Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Brother Canada Nude: Topaz Exposes Her Vagina

The nudity on Big Brother Canada has been a bit few and far between due to various factors.  First off it seems like producers actually try to avoid nudity and cut away if houseguests are changing clothes or are in the shower.  Secondly being that Big Brother Canada feeds are free, there isn't a "flashback" feature like the U.S. has so it's much harder to catch many of those moments of undress.  Luckily a houseguest deciding to willfully expose herself is a big help.

That's exactly what happened a few weeks ago when Topaz was in the pool with Talla, Gary, and Suzette.  As they were all apparently talking about Topaz's pubes, she decided to just stand up and pull her bikini bottoms down so all could see "everything." The other houseguests were quite shocked by this of course since they all realize the cameras are always on them.  It's too bad Topaz didn't let it ALL hang out more in the house, but maybe there are some more hidden gems that will pop up over time.  Thanks to our friends at for catching this one, fast forward to around the 2:00 point if you want to get to the good part:


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