Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Brother Canada's Liza Walks Around in a Thong

Big Brother Canada Liza ThongJust a couple of days ago we posted on Big Brother Canada's Liza deciding to show us she doesn't care that cameras on her by flashing her naked ass to the live feeders. Today we have another quick update as Liza once again gave us an ass shot, this time in a thong.  As Gary organized a fashion show that will apparently go down tonight, Liza was changing wardrobes and walked around in plain view in a thong that might be better described as a string.

Liza apologized briefly for her ass being out and covered it with her hand for a second, as if she really believes that we were offended by her blatant disregard for us seeing her ass.  Remember this is only the first week of Big Brother Canada, and Liza is quickly becoming a candidate for Big Brother nudity star of the season.  At this rate, we'll be seeing her topless boobs in no time!  More to come soon (we hope.)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Big Brother Canada Nude: Liza Shows Her Naked Ass

Big Brother Canada Nude LizaWe are less than one week into the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada, and already we're deeming this show a hit.  Plenty of drama, personalities, and of course eye candy.  Being this show features 15 new houseguests with no veterans to tell them all how to act and what to do, Big Brother Canada is a breath of fresh air.  Back to the eye candy - there have been plenty of near misses with the ladies in the house not being as careful as they need to be to avoid getting caught naked, but Liza became an early favorite of ours as she flashed her ass in plain site.

Apparently these Canadian girls have attitude, as Liza claimed she didn't care the cameras were on her as she rolled over in bed and showed her bare ass to prove it!  This is the kind of behavior we've been missing from the U.S. Big Brother.  It's always a task to catch a houseguests in the shower or changing clothes, but when they give it up freely with a "here is my ass I don't care if you see" type attitude it's hard not to love it.

We are hard at work monitoring the Big Brother Canada feeds for more nudity, and we're pretty sure there will be more to come.  There are already 2-3 showmances blossoming on the show, so there could even be some good old fashion Big Brother sex action to look forward to.  Keep checking back as we continue reporting on all the hot Big Brother Canada nudity!

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