Monday, December 12, 2016

BBOTT Nude: The Best of Morgan

BBOTT Morgan FlashWhen the announcement was first made that Big Brother would be back in the fall with an online-only version of the show, my first thought was that we had a great chance for seeing a season with less censorship and more of what we want to see....mainly nudity.  When the show kicked off, we had uncensored language and feeds with none of the events blocked out - in many ways it was the style of Big Brother we've been waiting for....

With all its potential, we started taking note of which ladies may be the first ones we'd get to see some nudity from, and Danielle and Morgan were the first ones we looked at simply because they were tall and we all know tall ladies are almost definitely going to be seen in the Big Brother shower.  Unfortunately, the camera people seemed to mainly want to look at Danielle topless in the shower because they simply refused to give us any up close shots of Morgan for some reason.

While production absolutely failed us at getting a great view of Morgan's tits in the shower, we lucked out in that Morgan was one of the houseguests this year that didn't seem to realize that the cameras are always on always looking because she had multiple instances of wearing tiny bikinis, bending over, dropping her pants, and yes even not covering up in the shower at all so we did indeed get to see her boobs.

Monday, October 10, 2016

BBOTT Nude: Danielle Topless in the Shower

BBOTT Danielle NakedBig Brother Over the Top hasn't even hit the 2 week mark yet but we've already seen some nudity - and it seems like there's a chance we could see much more this season.

This new fall season of Big Brother has been getting rave reviews thus far - probably because its already been better in many ways than all of the past few seasons; one of the big shining points is that there seems to be a cast of more regular people who aren't "experts" on the show or just there to get famous - which also means most of the ladies aren't aware that the cameras will show them nude if given the chance, so they aren't attempting to hide much at all.

At first look of the female houseguests, we figured Danielle and Morgan would be big possibilities for topless shower views due to their height, and sure enough those two have not been covering up the shower and all and leaving the view wide open for the taking - problem is (probably because it's only been a little over a week) the cameras are staying wide and haven't zoomed in on every chance to get a shot.....until now.

Friday, September 9, 2016

BB18 Nude: The Best of Natalie

Big Brother Natalie BoobsNatalie's time in the Big Brother 18 house has come to an end, but she left us with many skin showing moments that still have us wishing they didn't have to end.  While she didn't have any money shot moments like Bronte topless in the shower or Zakiyah chatting it up with her boob out, Natalie still managed to give us some shots that had us wondering if she even realized the cameras were on her!

Natalie's boobs were a big topic of conversation this season, as many in the house believed they were fake but Natalie kept on assuring everyone that they were real; sadly, the Big Brother shower doors protect the short ladies so it was a big let down that we never got to fully see little Natalie's big boobs. 

Somehow Natalie failed at a few attempted showmances in the house before finally settling on James, and even then, the two never even kissed so we didn't get to see any action in that area either.  With Natalie failing at the usual aspects of either getting naked and/or letting us watch her get frisky in a showmance, it's almost amazing that Natalie still gave our site some great NSFW content. Still, it makes us wonder what might have been if she was in a showmance with a more aggressive guy, or if production would lower the shower doors already and make it equal for everyone!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Big Brother 18 Nude: Zakiyah Boob Slips

Big Brother Zakiyah Nipple SlipAfter the controversial Zakiyah maxi pad debacle, it only seems right to make up for such a thing with some great boob slips, and thankfully Zakiyah gave us such a good view that we may actually forgive her germy maxi pad sins.

Zakiyah's wardrobe malfunction was pretty unexpected as she was just casually chatting with the girls with her boob hanging out; her choice of dress simply couldn't hold them in and we have no complaints.  The cameras didn't seem to mind either as they stayed on her for a good amount of time while her boob was out, and this even aired on After Dark!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

BB18: Zakiyah Puts On a Maxi Pad in Front of the Houseguests

BB18 Zakiyah Maxipad MomentIn all our years of covering all things NSFW when it comes to Big Brother, there have been very few occasions where we were at a loss for words; we've seen shower nudity, houseguests getting frisky under the covers, and even numerous instances of streaking through the house nude - but after all these years there are still things happening that we can say we haven't seen before in the house.

The last time we had a real WTF moment when it comes to Big Brother NSFW content had to be when Natalie from Big Brother 9 demonstrated how she could squirt breast milk even though she wasn't pregnant - yes, she actually pulled out her boob (just one of numerous times she did so in the house actually) and produced boob milk.  This time, we have Zakiyah casually pulling out a maxi pad in the storage room and proceeding to put it on (along with her panties) in front of numerous other houseguests in the storage room......yes that really happened.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

BB18 Nude: The Big Brother 18 Cast Poses Naked Together

In the 18 seasons of Big Brother, the fact that many viewers try to catch every moment that the houseguests are naked has almost been a taboo topic; from peeping in the shower and changing clothes to showmances under the blankets and bikini nipple slips - nudity in the Big Brother house has always been a draw for many viewers, and now the show finally seems to be acknowledging it.

A nude Big Brother cast group photo?  It sounds like something that would only happen if ratings were failing and the show needed a big boost, but it actually happened and the Big Brother 18 cast took it al off (sort of) for this provocative pic that really came out of nowhere.  Of course since this is an official picture, the "good parts" covered so to speak, but it really does give off the vibe of "HEY if you want to see these people naked, be sure to watch live feeds!"

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BB18 Nude: Bronte Topless in the Shower

Big Brother Bronte NudeBig Brother 18 is underway and as with every year we've been checking out the ladies on the BB18 live feeds and waiting to see which one we get to see naked first this year....and we didn't have to wait long.

Each year as we anticipate watching the feeds, we worry that eventually all the ladies in the house will be notified that their boobs and other assets will likely be seen on the feeds and they will go to extreme measures to make sure no one sees; thankfully this year is apparently not that year.  Some years we get houseguests trying to cover the entire shower with towels, going in the bathroom every time they change clothes, and even showering IN bikinis to avoid being seen; the Big Brother 18 cast either isn't very informed or doesn't seem to care too much if anyone sees their goods on the feeds because the majority haven't acted very shy thus far.

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