Tuesday, July 19, 2016

BB18 Nude: The Big Brother 18 Cast Poses Naked Together

In the 18 seasons of Big Brother, the fact that many viewers try to catch every moment that the houseguests are naked has almost been a taboo topic; from peeping in the shower and changing clothes to showmances under the blankets and bikini nipple slips - nudity in the Big Brother house has always been a draw for many viewers, and now the show finally seems to be acknowledging it.

A nude Big Brother cast group photo?  It sounds like something that would only happen if ratings were failing and the show needed a big boost, but it actually happened and the Big Brother 18 cast took it al off (sort of) for this provocative pic that really came out of nowhere.  Of course since this is an official picture, the "good parts" covered so to speak, but it really does give off the vibe of "HEY if you want to see these people naked, be sure to watch live feeds!"

In this photo, some of the houseguests look like they were born to pose nude and are enjoying every minute of it (see Zakiyah, Natalie, Paulie, and of course Jozea.)  Then there are the houseguests we would never expect to see posing naked (see Nicole, James, Bridgette, and of course.........Glenn.)

At first glance many thought this pic was somehow photoshopped, but CBS revealed that the pic was actually taken in the back yard and jus used a creative backdrop.  Now was the cast really fully nude or maybe just wearing tiny clothing?  We're guessing that will be a hot topic on social media once some of the houseguests are back home and free to answer questions.

So far it seems like the houseguest this season aren't trying to hide from the cameras AS much as the last few seasons, but the only REAL nudity we've got so far was Bronte topless in the shower (we were sad to see her go after that!)  There also seem to be numerous showmances steaming up, as Nicole and Corey, Zakiyah and Paulie, and even James and Natalie all seem to have something going on, so things may get even hotter as the summer goes on!  We're looking forward to this cast getting more and more comfortable on camera!

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