Thursday, July 28, 2016

BB18: Zakiyah Puts On a Maxi Pad in Front of the Houseguests

In all our years of covering all things NSFW when it comes to Big Brother, there have been very few occasions where we were at a loss for words; we've seen shower nudity, houseguests getting frisky under the covers, and even numerous instances of streaking through the house nude - but after all these years there are still things happening that we can say we haven't seen before in the house.

The last time we had a real WTF moment when it comes to Big Brother NSFW content had to be when Natalie from Big Brother 9 demonstrated how she could squirt breast milk even though she wasn't pregnant - yes, she actually pulled out her boob (just one of numerous times she did so in the house actually) and produced boob milk.  This time, we have Zakiyah casually pulling out a maxi pad in the storage room and proceeding to put it on (along with her panties) in front of numerous other houseguests in the storage room......yes that really happened.

In a day and age where houseguests are piling towels on the shower doors to avoid nipple slips and changing clothes in the bathroom to avoid showing any skin, Zakiyah somehow managed to make one of the most private female moments a casual household thing.  We first see Zakiyah somehow putting on panties under her shorts, then pulling out a pad and begin to slip that up her shorts as well.

At first it seems like maybe she's just comfortable in front of Nichole and Michelle who are in the room, but she barely blinks as James walks in too and blurts out "WHAT are you doin?!"  Michelle chimes in asking if Zakiyah just put a tampon on to which she replies "No, just a pad" as if to say "OH well no big deal then, happens all the time." 

As Zakiyah is wiggling and positioning the pad in the right spot, Paul walks in too and we have a Big Brother family affair going on in the storage room.  Here are the pics of Zakiyah's maxi pad moment and her ability to do all this under her shorts:

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Now for anyone thinking "Hey, no big deal, it's natural etc." - the part about all this that really has many Big Brother fans in an uproar is this next piece of evidence:

image host
That's right, seconds after digging her in panties and situation her sanitary napkin, Zakiyah dug right into the cracker box and enjoyed a trip to the sink for a hand wash, nothing.  So if Zakiyah putting on a pad in front of the others didn't gross you out, maybe sharing it all with the others via germs will.  We don't even know what to say as the pics say it all, but while this isn't what we normally cover on this site, it definitely fits under the NSFW category and we have a feeling Zakiyah is going to hear a lot about this once she's out of the house and back on social media!

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