Monday, July 8, 2013

BB15 Nude: Amanda Goes Topless with Band-Aids on Her Nipples

Big Brother 15 Amanda ToplessBig Brother 15 just keeps on getting crazier and crazier when it comes to nudity.  We've seen almost all the females' boobs, and there has already been much sex had in the house even though we are only in the first couple of weeks.  Last night Amanda probably had the most blatant nudity in the house so far as she decided it was time to take it all off and let the world see her huge boobs.

Earlier on in the night Kaitlin had mentioned how her and Amanda had offered production to show them their boobs for more alcohol (we love these classy girls) but had no luck.  Apparently Amanda still wanted the attention though, so he went and got a bunch of band-aids to cover her nipples (we're not sure if they told her no nipple could be shown or what) and proceeded to parade her topless breasts around the house for everyone.  She tried to get the other girls involved by at least getting them to parade around in their underwear, but Jessie was the only other one willing to show a bit of skin.  GinaMarie did enjoy a nice feel up of Amanda's tits and even a motorboat.....good times.

The crowning moment came when the Big Brother "God" voice came over the speaker with the message: "Amanda....please attach your microphone to your shirt................................ZING!"  The house erupted in laughter at that one, and rightfully so.  Say what you will, but this house does not allow boredom and there is always SOMEthing going on every night.  Don't forget if you want to see what craziness happens next, you can watch it as it happens on the live feeds.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

BB15 Nude: Jessie Has a Boob Slip While Changing

BB15 Jessie Boob SlipOK it's official, if you are a fan of Big Brother nudity this season has to already be ranking as one of the best ever.  We are barely into week 2 and we've almost seen every one of the female houseguests' boobs in some way.  It's kind of surprising that Jessie took this long to catch since she's been laying around with her legs wide open all week and such without a care, but last night her attempts at hiding her boobs finally failed.

As Jessie was changing into a bathing suit that was basically totally see through and showed her nipples anyway, we got a boob slip that gave us the full view.  She may not have the biggest breasts in the house but we're not complaining.  Sadly early on it seemed like Jessie wanted to be in a showmance with Jeremy (before he hooked up with Kaitlin) and she seemed like the type that would give us quite a show without caring too much about the cameras.  Still, hopefully there is much more to come from her.

Here is Jessie changing into her bathing suit and giving us a boob flash.  Remember if you want to watch live and see who gets naked next then check out the live feed information.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BB15 Nude: Candice Flashes Her Boobs While Changing

BB15 Candice BoobsOK I believe we have set some sort of record.  Big Brother 15 is just under a week old, yet we've seen some sort of nudity from almost all the females already.  Of course many are quick flashes and/or far away views, but tonight we welcome Candice to the Big Brother nudity club.

It all happened as Candice was attempting to change clothes without anyone seeing the goods; of course that rarely works but we're thankful this cast isn't running to the bathroom every time they need to change like most recent seasons.   Jeremy and Kaitlin were in the room when Candice was changing, so she was trying to do so under her robe.  As luck would have it, we got a quick but full on view of her boob.  She's actually one of the taller girls in the house so we figured she'd get caught in the shower, but as luck would have it we have a straight boob slip here.

We've had some great nudity so far and this is only week one of the longest Big Brother season ever.  We're looking forward to more, but for now enjoy Candice's tits:

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BB15 Nude: Kaitlin Topless in the Shower

Big Brother 15 Kaitlin ToplessBig Brother 15 has been on the air for less than a week, and it's already been packed with controversy, drama, and a great amount of skin.  Kaitlin is ranking up there as one of the (if not THE) hottest houseguests this year, and she greatly enhances her position by walking around in her panties every night (she says she does this at her house, and the Big Brother house is her house, right?  We agree.)

So while we've seen plenty of Kaitlin's ass, we had yet to see any boob action until this morning when she changed into her swimsuit in the shower.  The only problem here is the camera person on duty wasn't one of our favorite perv cam operators, so there was no zoom in sadly.  We can still plainly see Kaitlin's tits, but we're hoping for some MUCH better zoom action as the season goes on.

If you want to flashback and see her boobs in motion, go back to 12:18 P.M. on 7/2/13 on camera 4 on the live feeds.  So here it is, our first glimpse (hopefully of many) of Kaitlin topless:

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

BB15 Nude: Amanda Gets Topless to Change Clothes

Big Brother 15 Amanda ToplessBig Brother 15's live feeds aren't even 24 hours old, and we've already got boobs to report on....that has to be a record!  The great thing about having an all new cast is that they seem to not really be sure how much is seen on camera or how it all works; well as this post proves, they aren't even safe in the darkness because night vision is our friend.

Since the cast was revealed last week one thing has been clear, Amanda was going to be the girl with big (really big) boobs.  In one of her interviews she mentioned that she "paid for them," but the size and shape really doesn't come across that way so maybe she was joking.  Either way her boobs are humongous, and on the very first night of live feeds this became apparent.

Amanda was in one of the bedrooms with David and Aaryn when she was struggling to figure out how to change clothes discreetly with her giant boobs popping out.  Then in a move that gained her major points with us, she figured it was impossible and better to just hold them with her arm and go topless.  Now we would've rather she just let them go, but hey it's very early so we'll let it slide.  Amanda seems like the type that won't even care after a couple of weeks in the house and will grow tired of trying to creatively hide her tits. 

The perv cams have been on their game early on which is usually rare, but with what is being called the hottest cast in Big Brother history, they have a lot of work on their hands.  If you want to watch them all live click here for live feed information.  Enjoy this little tease of Amanda's giant topless boobs:

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

BB15 Nude: GinaMarie Zimmerman Naked Modeling Pics

Big Brother 15 GinaMarie ZimmermanBig Brother 15 hasn't even started yet, but it's always a good sign when we find some naked pics of the houseguests before they even enter the house.  GinaMarie (or GiGiMarie sometimes as it seems) Zimmerman is one of the new houseguests we will be watching 24/7 starting next week, and if these pics are any indication of what we're in's going to be a great summer.

Judging by these photos, it looks like GinaMarie will have no problem with the cameras catching her changing clothes or in the shower, and that always earns major points in our book.  It's been a few years since we had houseguests that weren't freaking out over the cameras catching a glimpse, but somehow these pics give us the sense that GinaMarie will be just fine. 

Enjoy these hot pics of GinaMarie Zimmerman before the Big Brother 15 season begins this Wednesday, and be sure to click here for information on how to watch her live and uncensored next week on the feeds.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Brother Canada Nude: Topaz Exposes Her Vagina

The nudity on Big Brother Canada has been a bit few and far between due to various factors.  First off it seems like producers actually try to avoid nudity and cut away if houseguests are changing clothes or are in the shower.  Secondly being that Big Brother Canada feeds are free, there isn't a "flashback" feature like the U.S. has so it's much harder to catch many of those moments of undress.  Luckily a houseguest deciding to willfully expose herself is a big help.

That's exactly what happened a few weeks ago when Topaz was in the pool with Talla, Gary, and Suzette.  As they were all apparently talking about Topaz's pubes, she decided to just stand up and pull her bikini bottoms down so all could see "everything." The other houseguests were quite shocked by this of course since they all realize the cameras are always on them.  It's too bad Topaz didn't let it ALL hang out more in the house, but maybe there are some more hidden gems that will pop up over time.  Thanks to our friends at for catching this one, fast forward to around the 2:00 point if you want to get to the good part:


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Brother Canada's Liza Walks Around in a Thong

Big Brother Canada Liza ThongJust a couple of days ago we posted on Big Brother Canada's Liza deciding to show us she doesn't care that cameras on her by flashing her naked ass to the live feeders. Today we have another quick update as Liza once again gave us an ass shot, this time in a thong.  As Gary organized a fashion show that will apparently go down tonight, Liza was changing wardrobes and walked around in plain view in a thong that might be better described as a string.

Liza apologized briefly for her ass being out and covered it with her hand for a second, as if she really believes that we were offended by her blatant disregard for us seeing her ass.  Remember this is only the first week of Big Brother Canada, and Liza is quickly becoming a candidate for Big Brother nudity star of the season.  At this rate, we'll be seeing her topless boobs in no time!  More to come soon (we hope.)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Big Brother Canada Nude: Liza Shows Her Naked Ass

Big Brother Canada Nude LizaWe are less than one week into the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada, and already we're deeming this show a hit.  Plenty of drama, personalities, and of course eye candy.  Being this show features 15 new houseguests with no veterans to tell them all how to act and what to do, Big Brother Canada is a breath of fresh air.  Back to the eye candy - there have been plenty of near misses with the ladies in the house not being as careful as they need to be to avoid getting caught naked, but Liza became an early favorite of ours as she flashed her ass in plain site.

Apparently these Canadian girls have attitude, as Liza claimed she didn't care the cameras were on her as she rolled over in bed and showed her bare ass to prove it!  This is the kind of behavior we've been missing from the U.S. Big Brother.  It's always a task to catch a houseguests in the shower or changing clothes, but when they give it up freely with a "here is my ass I don't care if you see" type attitude it's hard not to love it.

We are hard at work monitoring the Big Brother Canada feeds for more nudity, and we're pretty sure there will be more to come.  There are already 2-3 showmances blossoming on the show, so there could even be some good old fashion Big Brother sex action to look forward to.  Keep checking back as we continue reporting on all the hot Big Brother Canada nudity!

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