Thursday, November 25, 2010

BB10 Nude: April and Ollie Have Wild Sex

BB10 April Ollie SexMost of the nudity that goes on during a season of Big Brother involves catching an accidental glimpse in the shower or during a change of clothes, but today we're looking at what is most likely the most blatant nudity/sex ever seen in the Big Brother U.S. house.

It was Big Brother 10, and a showmance had blossomed between houseguests April and Ollie.  Before long they were all over each other and barely tried to cover up the fact that they were getting it on all over the house.  When April won HOH they of course had the HOH room and bed to themselves, and to say they made use of it is an understatement.

In the video below we see just how hot things got as April and Ollie bang away - first under the covers, and eventually just letting just about everything be seen.  If you study closely at first, you can see April go down on Ollie for a blowjob before eventually getting on top and riding like a wild rabbit.  It ends up with Ollie pounding April doggy style, which ends up giving us a great shot of her tits and ass as he appears to "finish" all over her.  Don't miss her post-sex comments as she talks about how big of a sex addict she is. 

Usually we may see some movement under the blankets when houseguests decide to get frisky, but these 2 made history as probably the horniest couple in Big Brother history.  As it turns out, the two didn't stay together after the show and April ended up knocked up by someone else.  Oh well, at least she'll have these memories that will live on via the Internet FOREVER:


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