Monday, October 10, 2016

BBOTT Nude: Danielle Topless in the Shower

BBOTT Danielle NakedBig Brother Over the Top hasn't even hit the 2 week mark yet but we've already seen some nudity - and it seems like there's a chance we could see much more this season.

This new fall season of Big Brother has been getting rave reviews thus far - probably because its already been better in many ways than all of the past few seasons; one of the big shining points is that there seems to be a cast of more regular people who aren't "experts" on the show or just there to get famous - which also means most of the ladies aren't aware that the cameras will show them nude if given the chance, so they aren't attempting to hide much at all.

At first look of the female houseguests, we figured Danielle and Morgan would be big possibilities for topless shower views due to their height, and sure enough those two have not been covering up the shower and all and leaving the view wide open for the taking - problem is (probably because it's only been a little over a week) the cameras are staying wide and haven't zoomed in on every chance to get a shot.....until now.

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