Friday, August 26, 2022

BB24 Nudity: Taylor Wakes Up with a Tit Out

Taylor Big Brother Sexy

Taylor Hale has undoubtedly become one of Big Brother fans' favorite cast members this season and she continues to be an NSFW favorite as well. While she likely has the smallest boobs of any of the ladies this season, we've somehow seen them more than anyone else's, maybe because she doesn't think it's a big deal so she openly changes clothes and wears skimpier night clothes than the others.

As we reported a few days ago when Taylor went fully bottomless in front of the cameras, which made it very clear that she no longer cares about being seen naked. This morning's full-on boob and nipple view was thanks to the sexy lingerie Taylor sleeps in.

As we saw Taylor get woken up by getting called to the storage room to replace her mic batteries, her boob was completely out as she got out of bed. While we've had many views of Taylor's tits this season, this one finally gave us a clear up-close shot.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Big Brother Legend Janelle Pierzina Joins OnlyFans

Big Brother Janelle OnlyFans
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We knew when we started our list of former Big Brother houseguests that are now on OnlyFans, that there would be additions to that list that would be worthy of their own posts. Janelle Pierzina is the epitome of sexy Big Brother women, and now she is giving us the icing on her cake as she has officially joined OF.

This is actually pretty shocking to us, and for a couple of reasons. First off, yes Janelle did pose nude in Playboy many years ago, but after getting married and having kids, we thought the days of Janelle taking her clothes off were over. Of course, we got a glimpse of her mom boobs during her return on Big Brother 14, but that was accidental of course.

Being Janelle has had such a successful reality TV run and has moved on to becoming a successful real estate agent as well, we figured Janelle being on OnlyFans was pure fantasy, but here we are. Of course, Janelle could post tame/barely sexy content and it would be just fine since it's Janelle, but we can confirm that she is doing fans right and getting naked once again!

Sunday, August 21, 2022

BB24 Nude: Taylor Goes Bottomless in Front of the Cameras

BB24 Taylor Full Frontal Nudity

Well, it appears like we've hit the point in the season where at least one houseguest is no longer even going to attempt to hide her nudity from the cameras. Just as it seemed like Alyssa was going to take the nudity queen crown for Big Brother 24, Taylor comes back with a massive reminder that she started it all in the NSFW content category this year.

While we've seen Taylor's tits numerous times this season and we've seen a number of the ladies change clothes with a thong on, the fact that Taylor whipped her pants off in plain view would be one thing, but to do so WITHOUT PANTIES is something we haven't seen in years. This immediately had us thinking about the legendary Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother 11 and 13 who would go completely nude on camera when changing and in the bath.

While Taylor isn't quite at Jordan's level as far as being completely naked, dropping her pants and baring her ass and pussy on camera is very rarely seen these days. Maybe it's all in our (dirty) minds, but it seems like Taylor seems to smirk at the camera before or after something like this happens. Another note - all this happened with Jasmine RIGHT next to her. Jasmine didn't blink or warn Taylor about the cameras as Taylor's bare ass was just about in her face.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

BB24 Nude: Alyssa Pussy Flash

Alyssa Big Brother Nude Flash

We've reached the halfway point of Big Brother 24 and after the usual lull in mid-season nudity, Alyssa brings it back in a big way with a straight-up pussy flash.

If you've been keeping up with the feeds, you know that Alyssa and Kyle are not only in a showmance, but they're also having sex in the house. The fact that they're doing it in the have-not room on pool floats is one thing, but the fact that they think it's all being seen on the live feeds is pretty next level. Of course, the feeds are scared to show sex these days so we haven't seen any of it, but Alyssa is obviously the least shy female of the season. 

To make it official, Alyssa is getting very "loose" with her towel in the house, walking after her shower and letting the thing just about fall off. This led to today's content where we have Alyssa letting her towel nearly slip down and nearly exposing her boobs before ultimately giving us the full-on vagina flash. 

With fewer people in the house at this point, we usually do see the ladies trying to hide less when getting naked, but Alyssa really letting it out and giving us a peek at what Kyle is hitting....or, lasting 10 seconds with as has been discussed in the house, is pretty rare these days.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

BB24 Nude: Alyssa Topless in the Shower

Big Brother Alyssa Shower

The Big Brother house showers were once one of the prime spots for NSFW content every season. Sadly, it's literally been years since we've had any such content since production decided to raise the shower doors, making it nearly impossible to peek in. This season, Alyssa went the extra mile to break the curse give us at least a brief peek at her tits in the shower.

OK, so maybe Alyssa's goal wasn't to give US a boob show, but she is definitely trying to entice Kyle to come see more of what she has to offer. Last night on the feeds, Alyssa even offered for Kyle to join in while she was in the shower, but he's still trying to avoid going full-on showmance. Her response was to imitate what Kyle does in the shower, so she had to be on her tiptoes to do so, and the extra height was just what we needed to get a brief Alyssa topless glimpse.

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