Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Angela Rummans Nipple
Big Brother 20 set a real standard right out the gate when we saw nudity from almost every female houseguest during the very first week of live feeds! Since then the numbers have of course dwindled, but that has also opened the door for Angela to go from being the girl you barely heard anything from to becoming an outspoken force in the house.

Of course during week one, we saw Angela completely lose her towel and briefly expose it all, but now she's given us a much more clear nipple shot. As stated above, Angela seemed like she'd just be the hot girl that said nothing all season (which would have been fine as long as we got to see her naked) but she's turned into a savage in the house that tells it like it is and has given us some quality TV moments.

So along with winning her second HOH and telling it like it is during numerous ceremonies, Angela has still given us plenty to look at it. This instance happened as she woke up from a nap and her boob had popped out of her bra. We got a nice nipple shot here since Angle didn't realize she was exposed (and we're not even sure that she would care much.)

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