Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BB19 Nude: Christmas Gives Us One Last Nip Slip for the Road

Christmas Abbot Boobs
Big Brother 19 has been a winning season when it comes to nudity; right from the start we were seeing houseguests naked and of course the shining moment was when Elena went completely topless. Although Elena was the nudity queen of the season, Christmas was doing pretty well for herself too...until the moment she broke her foot.

Christmas was one of the most energetic houseguests in the beginning of the season and didn't care too much about being seen naked as evident by her first nipple slip, but it all literally came crashing down when Christmas fell with Jason in the backyard and was injured.  Somehow Christmas has spent the majority of the season in a cast but has survived until the final three, and thankfully before it was all over, we got to see her boobs one last time this season.

Of course the cameras haven't tried to catch Christmas too much since her injury since they might come off as real pervs, but now that she's semi-mobile again it seems like one last glimpse was OK.  During the season Christmas even mentioned that she wants to pose for Playboy, so we know she has no problem taking her clothes off and we already reported that she has posed nude for Inked Magazine.

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