Tuesday, June 19, 2018

BB20 Nude: Rachel Swindler Topless Scene from "Graves"

Rachel Swindler Topless
The Big Brother 20 cast has only been known for a matter of hours and lo and behold, we already have nudity.

Every year the legion of die-hard Big Brother fans are busy hunting down any sort of controversial info. on the new houseguests; in some cases like last year with Christmas Abbot, we got to see some sexy naked photos of her before she even entered the house.  This year, we have a true rarity as it has been discovered that BB20 houseguest Rachel Swindler actually did a nude scene in the series "Graves."

In the scene, Rachel plays an escort at a wild party and she's completely topless with her boobs in plain view.  We don't want to get our hopes up too high but the scene does make us wish a party in the Big Brother house got to this level!

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