Monday, August 6, 2012

BB14 Nude: Danielle Naked in the Shower

BB14 Danielle toplessFinally the Big Brother 14 nudity is picking up, and this one is great because we finally got a camera person that realizes they can point the camera right into the HOH shower at any time.  We rarely get a shot like this, and when we do it's usually a guy in the shower.  This time it's Danielle in her HOH shower and the camera turns and points right in, giving us a quick glimpse of her boobs and ass.  She of course is fully nude, but the camera was only on her for a few seconds so we only got the topless and butt shots.  The timing is perfect since Danielle just got her HOH letter from her mother which asked her to make sure and stay covered up.....oops!

Had this shot stayed on much longer we would've got a full frontal shot of Danielle, but we're guessing production doesn't want things to feel like softcore porn.  This really makes us think about all the girls that have showered in the HOH shower this year...Britney, Ashley, etc., and how they we could have nudes of all of them if this camera angle was used more often!  Keep it up Big Brother if you want to keep the Internet buzzing over views like this:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

BB14 Nude: Janelle Nipple Slip

BB14 Janelle Nip SlipThe Big Brother 14 nudity has been slow up until this point, but everyone had to know that eventually Janelle's gargantuan tits would pop out eventually.  Earlier tonight as Janelle prepared for a bath in her swimsuit, she came out of the bathroom and her nipple was clearly exposed for a few seconds before she realized it. When she finally did catch it, she proclaimed she just had a "NIPPLE SLIP" and laughed knowing that we all definitely saw it.

Some people may not be too excited about seeing Janelle Pierzina's boobs since she did post nude in Playboy, but Playboy just doesn't provide the same raw non airbrushed quality as some good old fashion big brother house nudity.  Surprisingly Janelle was on Big Brother 6 and 7 for almost the entire season both times, but has rarely been caught naked in the house.  Hopefully the camera people are on their game now and ready for more moments like this.

Check out the pics below of Janelle's big fake boobs popping out of her top before she realizes she has suffered an "oops" moment:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

BB14 Nude: JoJo Shows Her Ass After a Shower

BB14 JoJo AssIt didn't take long for Big Brother 14 to produce a bit of nudity.  We all tune in early in hopes that all the females are not overly careful and will let a little bit slip early on, well this year new houseguest JoJo has kicked off the fun by showing us a little ass while getting dressed after a shower.

Some of the new houseguests seem to think the cameras are only in certain places, and there is no way they would be filming any nudity....but we all know that's not the case.  JoJo definitely seems like the type that we will be seeing more of this season, as she has had several close calls with her boobs and her towel before we finally got these ass shots of her pulling up her thong.  Usually the houseguests get more relaxed as the season goes on and let some nude moments get by, but we got lucky this year and are getting it early! 

Here is JoJo pulling up her thong and giving us an ass shot, either not realizing the camera was on her or not caring (we're hoping for the latter so we get MUCH more.)  Go Here to find out how you can watch all the action in the house live on your computer and smartphone.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Brother 14's Kara Monaco All Kinds of Nude

Big Brother 14 is just around the corner and it's always great to see a new cast of hot women lined up, but even better when we can post nude pics of them before they ever get in the house.  For those that have been following, "Kara" is a new houseguest and has her occupation listed as "model."  In actuality, she is 2006 Playboy Playmate of the year Kara Monaco....which means she has gotten all kinds of naked for years now.

Now in an ideal world, Kara will enter the Big Brother house and freely get naked on a daily basis...but we know the Big Brother house sometimes makes these girls want to cover up every possible inch like they are the most conservative women in the world.  If we're lucky Kara Monaco knows we've seen everything already, so why not give us more and have a shot at America's Favorite? 

Below are a couple of Kara's videos getting totally nude and showing some of her "work"... and even doing a striptease that isn't much of a tease since she shows it all.  She could make the house very interesting if she turns out to be's to hoping we'll be bringing you a ton more Kara Monaco nakedness, but next time in the Big Brother 14 house:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Cassi Colvin Modeling Pics

Well it looks like Cassi will unfortunately be the second houseguest evicted later today, bar some miracle turn of events.  Many Big Brother fans have been watching and enjoying Cassi in a bikini, but haven't been able to catch many shots of her showering or changing clothes.  I'm sure the minute Cassi's pics were released when the cast was announced, many were hoping there would be tons of Cassi nudity this season, but no such luck.

Since all signs point to Cassi heading out of the house, we figured the next best thing would be to feature some of Cassi's modeling pics.  As you may recall, she didn't tell the house except for Dominic that she's a model to avoid anyone targeting her.  Her plan didn't quite work since her looks seem to draw negative attention from a couple of the girls anyway.  Most in the house are convinced that she will have a ton of opportunities awaiting her after leaving the house, but little do they know that she's already done plenty of modeling work.

So here are some sexy modeling pics of Cassi, with a few of her posing topless and naked even. You can still check out Cassi uncensored in the house by watching the live feeds.

image host image host image host image hostimage host image host

The BB9 After Dark Fun Begins, as Natalie Strips and Shows Off Her Boobs!

The first night of Big Brother 9 After Dark is in the books, and I will make the bold statement, that it was THE best episode of After Dark ever. So much went down, from near fights, to cussing, to drunkeness, to big time drama, it left us feeling like it packed more into one episode of After Dark than BB8 did in a weeks worth.

One of the highlights was Natalie joining Chelsia, Neil, and Joshuah at the hot tub for a chat...then deciding to join them right then and there, and stripped her clothes off, and got in the hot tub in her bra and panties. Panties that had some sort of open front that nearly exposed a LOT. Then off came her shirt, and out came her boobs, which were exploding out of her bra. We're guessing Natalie is not going to be shy, and will most likely go even further later on....after all, this was all in night ONE. More details on the first night of After Dark to come, as from the first minute it was on, fights and arguments were breaking out everywhere, and it was tough to follow it all. So here is Natalie lightening the mood:

Big Brother 9 Alert: The Strip Party is Going Down NOW!

OK, last night the strip party got ruined, but tonight, the strip party is definitely happening, as Chelsia and Natalie are preparing their makeup and outfits, and Josh is putting on some sort of man thong made of candy that Adam pulled out of his secret bag, with no explanation of why he carries a candy man thong around in his bag of tricks. So if you've been waiting to see Natalie, Chelsia, or....well....even Josh's going down in a few minutes. Who knows how far they'll go, but most we're willing to bet Natalie will get naked, since she just chugged a beer, and the other houseguests have beer and wine flowing freely, so let the games begin. Tune into Showtime or turn on the live feeds now to catch the action!

BB9 StrippingBig Brother 9 Stripping

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big Brother 8 Nude Alert: Jen Finally Gets Naked and Pops Out the Boobs! We Have Video and Pics

Well, it was just a matter of time, we all knew that Jen Johnson from BB8 would eventually explode out of one of her skimpy bathing suits, and that's exactly what happened. Earlier today, while hunting the entire house for her clothes that were hidden by Evel Dick, she reached a little too far, and POP, bye bye bathing suit top. Jen was left there with only her arm to cover her boobage, and Jameka had to come to her rescue and give her back her top. Good thing this happened now because Jen is probably out of there on Thursday. So without further ado, here is the video and some pics of Jens OOPS exposure:

BB13 Nude: Rachel Topless in the Shower

This season we've seen the houseguests being more careful than ever to not get caught naked on any of the cameras.  From multiple towels over the shower door to some houseguests showering with full bathing suits on at all times, it's been pretty disappointing for anyone who's a fan of Big Brother nudity.  But now that the house is down to mostly females, they seem to be a bit more relaxed and  the nudity might be toward the end of this season.

Since Brendon was evicted and hasn't been around to warn Rachel at every possible second to not let her boobs or even underwear be on camera, she seems like she's being way less careful.  First it was her boobs falling out in the backyard, and now it is the camera catching her topless in the shower.  Usually every female in the house is very careful to pile towels on top of the shower door to be positive no one sees an inch of skin, but Rachel seems to have totally forgotten on this day.  Amazingly this is the first full topless shot we've seen after 2 seasons of Rachel nipple slips and close calls. 

Check out the pics below, and if you want to see the full video of Rachel's big fake bouncing boobs, check out the live feeds and flashback to August 29 at 5:41 p.m. on camera 3.

image host image host

BB13 Nude: Rachel's Boob Falls Out in the Backyard

We are over halfway through season 13 of Big Brother, and the nudity this season has been at an all time low.  Most likely that has to do with half of the house being people who have already been in the house, and know to be extra careful of the cameras being some have been caught naked before.  That's all well and good, but the good old wardrobe malfunction can still deliver some unexpected Big Brother nudity.

With Rachel flaunting her big fake boobs around, it was only a matter of time before they fell out.  While in the backyard talking to Jeff and Jordan, Rachel was adjusting her bikini top and it slipped out of her hand exposing her full boob.  Unfortunately the cameras were only on Rachel from the side, but it was definitely apparent that her whole breast was exposed.  Check out the pics of Rachel's boob show moment below:

image host image host image host image host

BB11 Nude: Michele Topless

Well an unexpected nudity post this time around. We figured Michelle would be one of the most careful about never getting naked in front of the cameras, but today for a brief second, she accidentally did. Sadly, the camera guys suck this year compared to past seasons like season 8 and 9, and they missed what actually happened. Apparently Michelle had a bathing suit top pinned together to keep it on for some reason, and the idea didn't work so well, and just popped off, exposing her boobs. All we got was a quick glimpse of Michelle covering her boobs with her arm, with some nipple area showing, since the camera guys were busy following Jeff as he walked around the kitchen, and missed just about everything. We'll put this in the nude section even though it's just a little nipple, because most likely it's the most nudity we're going to get from Michelle.

(Click for uncensored version)

BB11 Nude: Natalie Moons Lydia

We first reported in our post about the Big Brother truth or dare game that Natalie dropped her shorts and mooned Lydia and showed her naked butt, and went so far that Lydia saw her "lips" if you will. When we checked it out on feeds, sadly the camera wasn't at the right angle to get the ass shot, but now we've uncovered the angle that showed her ass for all you Natalie fans that have been hoping for the view. We didn't get the lip view that Lydia got, but we get to see Natalie's entire ass, so she obviously didn't feel too bad about letting the world see it on this night. Not much more nudity to report on lately, but we're keeping watch. If there are any requests or if you spot something we don't, feel free to let us know in comments. For now, Natalie's naked ass...

BB10's Keesha Smith Nude Pics from the Movie "Fear Chamber"

So far in the Big Brother house there hasn't been much nudity going on, and I know many of you come here for our uncensored coverage of the Big Brother girls, but it's still early and there just hasn't been anything yet, although a couple of nights ago Keesha mentioned to the other houseguests that she had been in a movie and had briefly shown her boobs.

Well of course, we had to track down the info., and now we have it here. Keesha was in the 2008 movie "Fear Chamber," and in the scene she appears strapped to some sort of table her something, and her boobs are indeed exposed for all to see. I'm sure some of you may have preferred a raunchy sex scene rather than a horror movie scene, but hey, it's something to look at while we wait for this seasons Big Brother nakedness to start up. So here are some caps from Keesha Smith in Fear Chamber:

Chelsia and James Nude Bubble Bath Video and Pics!

Last night on the Big Brother live feeds, James celebrated his new found power as HOH by bringing Chelsia up to his HOH bathroom for some bubble bath action. Although Natalie gets a lot of heat for giving Matt blow jobs regularly, Chelsia regularly either forgets, or just really doesn't care that the cameras are on, because she gets butt naked regularly, and this was no different. We've got video and pics once again of Chelsia's boobs as usual, and she didn't hide her vagina much either this time.

Big Brother 9 Slop Fight Video, Chelsia Showers Nude in the Backyard Afterwards.

Before all the madness went down at the POV ceremony where Ryan put James on the block, which caused a huge divide in the house, the day before had a fun filled slop fight between James, Chelsia, and Josh, back when they were all happy since they thought they'd have an edge in the game since Ryan was on their side, and apparently back dooring Matt. Josh was bored and decided to make sculptures with the slop, then James decided to make a ton of slop, and mix it with his hands, who knows why.

Anyway, Josh got all gay and frisky, and started throwing it at James, who threw some on Chelsia, who tossed her robe off and went topless for the slop battle to avoid getting it on her clothes. The crap was slung all over the cabinet, floor, everywhere, and cleanup took the three a good while. After the fight, James and Chelsia hit the backyard shower, so not to clog up the shower drain in the bathroom, and Chelsia exposed her boobs, ass, and even showed her lower front area while showering, which of course we've provided pics of. Oh the good times that were had, before Ryan dropped the bomb and sent them all into depression, gotta love Big Brother.

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