Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Brother 9 Alert: The Strip Party is Going Down NOW!

OK, last night the strip party got ruined, but tonight, the strip party is definitely happening, as Chelsia and Natalie are preparing their makeup and outfits, and Josh is putting on some sort of man thong made of candy that Adam pulled out of his secret bag, with no explanation of why he carries a candy man thong around in his bag of tricks. So if you've been waiting to see Natalie, Chelsia, or....well....even Josh's going down in a few minutes. Who knows how far they'll go, but most we're willing to bet Natalie will get naked, since she just chugged a beer, and the other houseguests have beer and wine flowing freely, so let the games begin. Tune into Showtime or turn on the live feeds now to catch the action!

BB9 StrippingBig Brother 9 Stripping

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