Saturday, July 7, 2012

BB9 Live Feed Update: Jen and Amanda Shower Together! Nude Pics and Video!

So today, as Amanda and Jen had the great idea to shower together, we learned that either the shower door doesn't steam up as much as it used to, or the Big Brother staff just installed better doors so we could see more, because wow, Jen and Amanda got butt naked, and we saw more than ever right through the door.

Amanda was especially visible, as her bare ass and boobs were BAM right there. From what we could see, there wasn't even a curtain between them, so they had no problem just being totally nude together, and for that, we salute them. Afterward, they paraded around in their thongs with no shame...what great casting choices this season!

Another thing to take note of here....Sharon was outside the shower during all this, talking to them, helping out by giving them things they asked for, and uhh, well, she seemed to just be staring hard at Amanda's ass. Comfort is one thing, but sitting there, just staring at the glass shower door at Amanda's naked ass? Hmm. Maybe it was all coincidence, but we're hoping Sharon has a secret passion for women. Judge for yourself, and check out Sharon just "hanging around" the whole time they showered....maybe she was just in need of good conversation? I mean, what better time to talk than when someone is showering......right? To catch all the live feed action like these showers, check out the Big Brother 9 Live Feeds on SuperPass 24/7!

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