Saturday, July 7, 2012

First BB11 Nude: Jordan Bottomless!

Big Brother 11 hasn't been off and going for 24 hours yet, and already there's drama, game talk, and nudity...yes, right off the bat we already have Big Brother 11 nudity, and it's from this morning when Jordan changed clothes and gave us a bottomless shot. Normally at the beginning of every season, everyone is usually super careful about getting their goods caught on camera, but the girl who "won't have sex on camera," never said she wouldn't show her goods. Jordan is turning out to be one of the more entertaining houseguests, between getting naked, and having some sort of girl on girl flirting relationship with Lydia (more on her later,) which is also very cool. So Jordan scores points with us so far, and probably most of you too after seeing this pic.

(Click for uncensored pic)

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