Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Brother 14's Kara Monaco All Kinds of Nude

Big Brother 14 is just around the corner and it's always great to see a new cast of hot women lined up, but even better when we can post nude pics of them before they ever get in the house.  For those that have been following, "Kara" is a new houseguest and has her occupation listed as "model."  In actuality, she is 2006 Playboy Playmate of the year Kara Monaco....which means she has gotten all kinds of naked for years now.

Now in an ideal world, Kara will enter the Big Brother house and freely get naked on a daily basis...but we know the Big Brother house sometimes makes these girls want to cover up every possible inch like they are the most conservative women in the world.  If we're lucky Kara Monaco knows we've seen everything already, so why not give us more and have a shot at America's Favorite? 

Below are a couple of Kara's videos getting totally nude and showing some of her "work"... and even doing a striptease that isn't much of a tease since she shows it all.  She could make the house very interesting if she turns out to be's to hoping we'll be bringing you a ton more Kara Monaco nakedness, but next time in the Big Brother 14 house:

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