Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Cassi Colvin Modeling Pics

Well it looks like Cassi will unfortunately be the second houseguest evicted later today, bar some miracle turn of events.  Many Big Brother fans have been watching and enjoying Cassi in a bikini, but haven't been able to catch many shots of her showering or changing clothes.  I'm sure the minute Cassi's pics were released when the cast was announced, many were hoping there would be tons of Cassi nudity this season, but no such luck.

Since all signs point to Cassi heading out of the house, we figured the next best thing would be to feature some of Cassi's modeling pics.  As you may recall, she didn't tell the house except for Dominic that she's a model to avoid anyone targeting her.  Her plan didn't quite work since her looks seem to draw negative attention from a couple of the girls anyway.  Most in the house are convinced that she will have a ton of opportunities awaiting her after leaving the house, but little do they know that she's already done plenty of modeling work.

So here are some sexy modeling pics of Cassi, with a few of her posing topless and naked even. You can still check out Cassi uncensored in the house by watching the live feeds.

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