Sunday, July 8, 2012

The BB9 After Dark Fun Begins, as Natalie Strips and Shows Off Her Boobs!

The first night of Big Brother 9 After Dark is in the books, and I will make the bold statement, that it was THE best episode of After Dark ever. So much went down, from near fights, to cussing, to drunkeness, to big time drama, it left us feeling like it packed more into one episode of After Dark than BB8 did in a weeks worth.

One of the highlights was Natalie joining Chelsia, Neil, and Joshuah at the hot tub for a chat...then deciding to join them right then and there, and stripped her clothes off, and got in the hot tub in her bra and panties. Panties that had some sort of open front that nearly exposed a LOT. Then off came her shirt, and out came her boobs, which were exploding out of her bra. We're guessing Natalie is not going to be shy, and will most likely go even further later on....after all, this was all in night ONE. More details on the first night of After Dark to come, as from the first minute it was on, fights and arguments were breaking out everywhere, and it was tough to follow it all. So here is Natalie lightening the mood:

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