Saturday, July 7, 2012

BB12 Nude: Britney Naked in the Shower

Since the Brigade has the Big Brother game pretty much wrapped up, Britney is surely going out of the game, and fans have been sending us multiple requests to see if we got a glimpse of any nudity from her this season. 

Britney has been careful not to do anything that would upset her fiance Nick, and that includes being very careful to change in the bathroom and not let the cameras catch anything. 

For the past couple of days though, Britney has used Hayden's HOH bathroom to shower, seemingly forgetting that the shower door is pretty much completely see through, so here we have about as much of Britney nude as we're going to get this season.  So for anyone that's been hoping we get to see her even a little naked, here is Britney nude and showering with the view from the see through shower door:

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