Saturday, July 7, 2012

BB9 Nudity Update: Allison Shows Her Goods on Her Way Out the Door

Well it looks like the house is going to send Allison and Ryan packing on tonight's CBS show, and it's always a good thing to get some sort of nude shot before one of the females leave. Allison has been the psycho of the house lately, and we'd be be shocked if the votes change by tonight and they vote to keep her, it seems that NO one in the house can take anymore of her crazy antics. The real anticipation for tonight's show will be what this gigantic twist will be. The houseguests got the mysterious letter, instructing them that an alarm can sound at any time, and they have to gather in the living room and await further instruction.

Last week Julie Chen told us that beginning with this weeks evicted couple, a huge twist would be revealed, and it would begin the next chapter in this season of Big Brother. Houseguests have already speculated that it could involve bringing a couple back, or it could be the couples now play as singles, but no one really knows anything about this twist, but we will know in less than 24 hours. So as Allison is headed out, we're not 100% sure she'll be gone completely with all the twist possibilities, but just in case, here are some pics of Allison forgetting that the cameras are EVERYwhere, and lifting up her towel while taking off her bathing suit, exposing her, uh, lower half.

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