Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big Brother 9 Slop Fight Video, Chelsia Showers Nude in the Backyard Afterwards.

Before all the madness went down at the POV ceremony where Ryan put James on the block, which caused a huge divide in the house, the day before had a fun filled slop fight between James, Chelsia, and Josh, back when they were all happy since they thought they'd have an edge in the game since Ryan was on their side, and apparently back dooring Matt. Josh was bored and decided to make sculptures with the slop, then James decided to make a ton of slop, and mix it with his hands, who knows why.

Anyway, Josh got all gay and frisky, and started throwing it at James, who threw some on Chelsia, who tossed her robe off and went topless for the slop battle to avoid getting it on her clothes. The crap was slung all over the cabinet, floor, everywhere, and cleanup took the three a good while. After the fight, James and Chelsia hit the backyard shower, so not to clog up the shower drain in the bathroom, and Chelsia exposed her boobs, ass, and even showed her lower front area while showering, which of course we've provided pics of. Oh the good times that were had, before Ryan dropped the bomb and sent them all into depression, gotta love Big Brother.

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