Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BB16 Nude: Brittany Topless in the Shower

Big Brother Brittany Martinez BikiniEvery year when the Big Brother season kicks off, we always run down the list of ladies in the house and rank which ones we'd like to get a peek at in the shower; never did we think a mother of three would be topping that list, but that's exactly what has happened with Big Brother 16's Brittany Martinez.

Of course Brittany isn't the typical mother of three you would expect to be cast - she's 29, freshly divorced, and obviously started having kids early in life.  She has shattered the stereotype of what you might think of when you think of a mom of 3 and is actually a contender for the most fit girl in the house.  On top of all that, she has a pair of great boobs that are a legit cause of debate as to whether they are real or fake.

So of course the hot mom with great boobs would be a top target for the Big Brother fans that enjoy a good peek in the shower, and finally we got a glimpse after all hope was almost destroyed; we say this because earlier in the season, Brittany revealed that she wore nipple tape in the shower to ensure no one got a glimpse - a deplorable act by any means in the Big Brother house.

Thankfully the hassle of wearing nipple tape is gone and Brittany is now taking showers nude like a normal person, and that means we've got a few shots of her topless boobs complete with nipple while she showered.  This makes us glad the nipple tape idea went out, because those boobs were meant to be seen!  Great job Brittany for giving us the best show of the season thus far!

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