Thursday, March 23, 2017

BBCAN5 Nude: Neda Nipple Slip in the Shower

Big Brother Neda Nip SlipFor years many have said that Big Brother Canada is a better overall Big Brother presentation than the American version; for us, it's been a back and forth battle because while "BBCAN" has casted some hot ladies, their camera people just don't seem as perverted as the ones we're used to.  Thankfully, this season we've got some great camera work that has already captured a nipple slip from Canadian favorite Neda Kalantar.

During Big Brother Canada season 2, Neda was one of the ladies we hoped to catch changing clothes or of course in the shower, but it seemed she was always busy with her big dumb hockey player showmance or else the cameras were sure to cut away at the perfect times.  We did get a super brief glimpse at her boobs in the shower but the camera was approximately a mile away at the time.

When it was announced that there would be returning players for Big Brother Canada season 5 and Neda was one of them, our hopes actually weren't up too high because we figure returning houseguests would be EXTRA careful not to be seen being they've been out of the house and know what sites like ours capture, but somehow someway, the Canadian houseguests still don't realize that the shower door doesn't close all the way.

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