Sunday, June 30, 2019

BB21 Nude: Kemi Vagina Flash

BB21 Kemi Naked
It took a few days to get rolling but the Big Brother 21 nudity is really flowing in now! After nip slips from both Analyse and Christie just hours apart, today we're taking things a bit..lower thanks to Kemi.

This one is a bit hard to explain; boob shots are a pretty regular occurrence on Big Brother but vaginas are a bit more few and far between. In most cases any kind of nude slip is due to changing clothes or maybe a towel malfunction, but in today's case it looks like Kemi just decided to have a look at how her lady parts were doing in plain view of the camera.

That's basically all we can say about this one, Kemi just pulled down her bikini bottoms, checked out her vag, and we're guessing everything appeared to be OK. Kemi actually has bigger boobs than we we first thought so if she suddenly feels to suddenly pull them out for a tit check, we'd be absolutely fine with that too.

BB21 is suddenly surprising us with the nudity comfort as we didn't expect to see much of this until a couple weeks in. Actually the fact that we're seeing nipples and vaginas this early has us excited for what's still to come! Here are the caps of Kemi's random vagina inspection:

Saturday, June 29, 2019

BB21 Nude: Christie Nipple Slip

Big Brother Christie Nipple Piercing
What's the best thing that could happen when a Big Brother season starts and you finally get a nipple slip? A second nipple slip happens just shortly after!

Earlier today we posted about Analyse's nipple slip that happened with Kathryn was helping her adjust her top; now we have Christie slipping a nip as she was talking to Kat in the HOH - is Kathryn the goddess of nipple slip good luck this season? We'll have to make a judgment on that once we see Kat herself naked.

So while the HOH conversation was going on, we noticed Christie was sort of rubbing her hands over her nipples - were they hard? Was she horny? As it turns out, she may have been making some..."adjustments" so to speak. Seconds after Christie was feeling on her nips, she pulled the straps down on her top and gave us a nipple peak, and also revealed that she has pierced nipples! Yep, a little bonus with a nip slip never hurts.

BB21 Nude: Analyse Nipple Slip

BB21 Analyse Nip Slip
Big Brother 21 is in full swing and we've got a hot cast that we hope to get a lot of content from. So far things have been kind of borderline - the ladies are holding up towels for each other so they can change clothes without being seen on camera, but on the other hand they aren't being overly careful at all times. Case in point, super hot soccer player Analyse being our first featured nipple this season.

It's taken a few days for us to get a decent nipple view because it seems as if Big Brother 21 will be the season of ass. Just about every lady in the house has been rocking a bikini that has their asses completely out - maybe all that will warrant a "Best of BB21 Asses" post. Back to the boobs - so Analyse has one of the hottest bodies in the house and it's been talked about by multiple other houseguests. While she may not have the biggest boobs (Jessica will not be beat in that category,) it was nice to get a little nipple peek just a few days in.

What we have is Kathryn helping Analyse (or "Sis" as she is called in the house) adjust her top, and sure enough we get a quick view of her nipple. While it's not a full on topless shot, we hope things will get more relaxed as the season goes on and the BB21 boob shows will be more plentiful. For now here's a glimpse of Analyse's nip:

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

BB21: Jessica Milagros Lingerie Modeling Pics

Jessica Milagros Lingerie
Big Brother 21 is upon us and of course as is tradition, we've already been checking out the new cast to see what we'll have to work with all summer. It looks like we'll have some great targets, but our first post as it turns out is on a houseguest we didn't expect to find any early content on at first glance.

Of course Big Brother is notorious for featuring some hot model types in every cast, and in some cases (like Rachel Swindler from BB20 and Christmas Abbot from BB19) who had already done some nude work prior to Big Brother. When first glancing over the Big Brother 21 cast, Jessica Milagros didn't jump out as someone who may have some sexy work in her past - she's married, 30ish (yes that's actually the age they posted) and her big boobs told us straight out that she wasn't the stereotypical model size (no hate, just the fact.) So what's her occupation? Model of course!

That's right, it turns out that Jessica Milagros is a plus size model, and one that isn't afraid to show what she's got. She's claimed in her initial interviews that she's out to prove that all bodies are beautiful, so it's going to be very interesting to see how much she openly shows during the season (especially on live feeds.)

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