Monday, December 12, 2016

BBOTT Nude: The Best of Morgan

BBOTT Morgan FlashWhen the announcement was first made that Big Brother would be back in the fall with an online-only version of the show, my first thought was that we had a great chance for seeing a season with less censorship and more of what we want to see....mainly nudity.  When the show kicked off, we had uncensored language and feeds with none of the events blocked out - in many ways it was the style of Big Brother we've been waiting for....

With all its potential, we started taking note of which ladies may be the first ones we'd get to see some nudity from, and Danielle and Morgan were the first ones we looked at simply because they were tall and we all know tall ladies are almost definitely going to be seen in the Big Brother shower.  Unfortunately, the camera people seemed to mainly want to look at Danielle topless in the shower because they simply refused to give us any up close shots of Morgan for some reason.

While production absolutely failed us at getting a great view of Morgan's tits in the shower, we lucked out in that Morgan was one of the houseguests this year that didn't seem to realize that the cameras are always on always looking because she had multiple instances of wearing tiny bikinis, bending over, dropping her pants, and yes even not covering up in the shower at all so we did indeed get to see her boobs.

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