Tuesday, September 11, 2018

BB20 Nude: Angela Full Vagina Flash From Behind

BB20 Angela Vagina
We may have a historical post here on our hands as I don't believe the headline "full vagina flash from behind" have ever been written on this site. Thanks to Angela, we now have this bit of history and there is no better season the Big Brother 20 to mark the moment.

It all took place as Angela was fresh out of the shower and in a towel (Angela already had that infamous towel moment earlier in the season when she lost her towel completely.) Normally we're lucky if we get a full frontal flash of sorts that may offer a bit of a bush (or bush-less) view, but this has to be a first. Angela proceeds to bend over to get something from a cabinet and her vagina was in clear view in the process.

Angela seemed to notice that she probably just showed her womanhood to the world as she stood up quick and pulled her towel down in the back, but then proceeded on like nothing. Angela seems to be the type to say "OOPS my pussy was just on camera, oh well what's done is done. No one else was around her at the time so live feeders were the only one to get this gift.

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