Saturday, July 7, 2012

BB11 Nude: Natalie Moons Lydia

We first reported in our post about the Big Brother truth or dare game that Natalie dropped her shorts and mooned Lydia and showed her naked butt, and went so far that Lydia saw her "lips" if you will. When we checked it out on feeds, sadly the camera wasn't at the right angle to get the ass shot, but now we've uncovered the angle that showed her ass for all you Natalie fans that have been hoping for the view. We didn't get the lip view that Lydia got, but we get to see Natalie's entire ass, so she obviously didn't feel too bad about letting the world see it on this night. Not much more nudity to report on lately, but we're keeping watch. If there are any requests or if you spot something we don't, feel free to let us know in comments. For now, Natalie's naked ass...

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