Monday, August 6, 2012

BB14 Nude: Danielle Naked in the Shower

BB14 Danielle toplessFinally the Big Brother 14 nudity is picking up, and this one is great because we finally got a camera person that realizes they can point the camera right into the HOH shower at any time.  We rarely get a shot like this, and when we do it's usually a guy in the shower.  This time it's Danielle in her HOH shower and the camera turns and points right in, giving us a quick glimpse of her boobs and ass.  She of course is fully nude, but the camera was only on her for a few seconds so we only got the topless and butt shots.  The timing is perfect since Danielle just got her HOH letter from her mother which asked her to make sure and stay covered up.....oops!

Had this shot stayed on much longer we would've got a full frontal shot of Danielle, but we're guessing production doesn't want things to feel like softcore porn.  This really makes us think about all the girls that have showered in the HOH shower this year...Britney, Ashley, etc., and how they we could have nudes of all of them if this camera angle was used more often!  Keep it up Big Brother if you want to keep the Internet buzzing over views like this:

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