Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Brother Canada's Liza Walks Around in a Thong

Big Brother Canada Liza ThongJust a couple of days ago we posted on Big Brother Canada's Liza deciding to show us she doesn't care that cameras on her by flashing her naked ass to the live feeders. Today we have another quick update as Liza once again gave us an ass shot, this time in a thong.  As Gary organized a fashion show that will apparently go down tonight, Liza was changing wardrobes and walked around in plain view in a thong that might be better described as a string.

Liza apologized briefly for her ass being out and covered it with her hand for a second, as if she really believes that we were offended by her blatant disregard for us seeing her ass.  Remember this is only the first week of Big Brother Canada, and Liza is quickly becoming a candidate for Big Brother nudity star of the season.  At this rate, we'll be seeing her topless boobs in no time!  More to come soon (we hope.)

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