Friday, September 9, 2016

BB18 Nude: The Best of Natalie

Big Brother Natalie BoobsNatalie's time in the Big Brother 18 house has come to an end, but she left us with many skin showing moments that still have us wishing they didn't have to end.  While she didn't have any money shot moments like Bronte topless in the shower or Zakiyah chatting it up with her boob out, Natalie still managed to give us some shots that had us wondering if she even realized the cameras were on her!

Natalie's boobs were a big topic of conversation this season, as many in the house believed they were fake but Natalie kept on assuring everyone that they were real; sadly, the Big Brother shower doors protect the short ladies so it was a big let down that we never got to fully see little Natalie's big boobs. 

Somehow Natalie failed at a few attempted showmances in the house before finally settling on James, and even then, the two never even kissed so we didn't get to see any action in that area either.  With Natalie failing at the usual aspects of either getting naked and/or letting us watch her get frisky in a showmance, it's almost amazing that Natalie still gave our site some great NSFW content. Still, it makes us wonder what might have been if she was in a showmance with a more aggressive guy, or if production would lower the shower doors already and make it equal for everyone!

The fact that (especially early in the season) Natalie wore short shorts or bikini bottoms on a regular basis, combined with the fact that she was usually spread eagle without a care in the world is the reason we have enough to have a feature on the best of Natalie today.  From cameltoe shots to up the shorts and bikini ass, we salute Natalie for still giving us some drool-worthy moments without going the traditional route. Here's to Natalie, thanks for the visuals:
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