Monday, July 2, 2018

BB20 Nude: Rachel Full Frontal Flash

Big Brother 20 Rachel NakedWe're the first to admit that our expectations for Big Brother nudity are set almost unrealistically high every year. Maybe even more so this season not only because it's the big number 20, but also because (as we reported) new houseguest Rachel actually did a topless scene before we ever saw her in the house. So all things considered, it's very fitting that Rachel would be the first to give us nudity in the house this season.

One of the joys of having an all new cast without any returning veterans is that there is less chance of anyone warning them about the cameras watching every second.  Usually it's a warning to cover up in the shower or not to change in front of the cameras since the veterans have been out of the house and know whats ends up on sites like this one. Sadly the past few seasons have been plagued with veterans, but Big Brother 20 is a fresh cast and pretty unaware thus far of being naked on the feeds.

So Rachel was the first to flash us this season, and didn't even seem to realize she may have been seen. It's a quick flash no doubt, and actually a bit tricky since she turns away to open her towel, but thanks to the magic of mirrors, all you have to do is look to the right and you get a glimpse of Rachel's boobs and maybe a quick vagina shot.

This quick flash is on the level of Elena's full frontal flash that kicked off last season, although Elena always had other houseguests warning her about the cameras. With it being only week one and everyone being very free about the cameras, here's to hoping for more of this from Rachel:

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