Thursday, July 16, 2015

BB17 Nude: Twins Liz and Julia Nolan Topless Pics

As usual when the Big Brother 17 cast was announced this year, we scanned for who we hoped to see some nudity from; little did we know that Liz Nolan would double our pleasure since she had an identical twin named Julia that would be playing the game as well.  Here we are three weeks into the season and pretty much the entire house knows about the twin twist, but thankfully it looks like both will be playing the game in the house soon. But why wait?  The twins have been switching off since the game started, and at least one of them has already shown her boobs in the shower and in various other skintastic situations as well.

After we saw Liz (or Julia) in the shower topless the other day for the first time, we figured it would be a great time to kick off the Big Brother 17 nudity posts, but since then their boobs keep popping out at various times so this will be an all inclusive post featuring the best of Julia and Liz naked, even some hot modeling pics from prior to entering the house!  Sadly most of the cast is extra careful this year, piling about 23 towels on the shower so we can't look in (an act that production needs to stop,) but luckily Liz and/or Julia aren't as careful of the others and have given us many views of their goods.

For starters, check out these modeling pics of Liz and Julia....many of which feature them topless together:

image host image host image host

Next up, its's Liz (or Julia changing in the shower thankfully without the towel blocking anything; we were quite surprised to see how big her boobs really are!  How does production not realize that more of us would be GLUED to feeds if we could have more of a peek into the shower with a view like this:

image host image host image host image host image host image host

Next, here are some great caps of Liz and/or Julia in a bikini complete with ass shots, camel toe for days, nipple slips, and even almost losing a towel for a total ass shot:

image host image host image host image host image host

Finally, the most recent caps features Liz/Julia on night vision where a boob just completely falls out of their shirt during the night.....yes these twins are delivering the most nudity of anyone in the house thus far....and we hope moments like this continue:

image host image host image host

Big shout out to the contributors on Reality BBQ Forums that are doing an excellent job of making sure we catch every bit of skin there is to see on BB17!

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