Monday, April 3, 2017

Big Brother 16's Amber Borzotra Nude Modeling Photos and Sexy Music Video

Amber Borzotra NakedIt's a pretty rare case when we can post that a Big Brother houseguest has given us nude content AFTER they've been on the show, but that's what we have today with these super hot video and pics from Big Brother 16 alumni Amber Borzotra.

We actually posted Amber Borzotra nude modeling photos just before she entered the Big Brother 16 house in 2014, but now she's kept the goods coming by continuing to take her clothes off long after her season's end.

You may remember that the most memorable thing about Amber's time in the Big Brother house was that fellow houseguests Caleb was a bit obsessed with her; needless to say, Caleb didn't get Amber in the end and she's back to giving us hot content regularly in various videos and modeling shoots.

The thing is, during her time in the Big Brother house, Amber came across as a good religious girl and didn't do anything questionable in the house. Our first thought was that maybe Amber took naked modeling photos earlier in life and had since turned around and really was the good girl that Caleb wished he could marry, but here she is back to shaking her ass and appearing to be straight hungry for complaints here because Amber is one of the hottest Big Brother houseguests in history.

Also included are two modeling pics that feature Amber posing completely nude - one showing her topless boobs and a hint of her down south area, while the other features a great shot of her naked ass...if only she was this free on Big Brother, we would have had the greatest live feeds of all time!

So check out the two photos below which feature Amber Borzotra nude, then see the sexy "APT 4" video featuring Amber in a thong, wet t-shirt AND underwear, and so much more:

image host image host

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