Friday, February 9, 2018

BBCeleb: Omarosa Nipple Slip

Omarosa Nipple Slip
When Celebrity Big Brother was announced, we immediately began to think of the hot celebs we would like to see naked in the house.  The term "celebrity" could have gone so many ways, and while no big "A-listers" are in the house, seeing a nudity legend like Shannon Elizabeth as a houseguest is still quite intriguing.  What we did NOT expect is nudity from someone like Omarosa, who is arguably the star of the show.

After initially thinking about all the celebrities shower and watching them change clothes, we began to think about how these celebs could be protected by production unlike the regular summer houseguests. Were there clauses protecting them from being shown naked? Would cameras cut away from all showers and changing sessions? It's really too early to tell how bad that sort of thing will be, but we can now officially say that wardrobe malfunctions are fair game on Celebrity Big Brother.

It all went down as Omarosa was walking around the kitchen in a robe, and sure enough the robe seemed to catch on a chair just enough to expose her boob.  The cameras tried cutting away fast, but it was too late, Omarosa's breast is now part of Big Brother live feed history.

Omarosa has been a ratings champion for Celebrity Big Brother so far, and now she's a winner on our site thanks to her boob slip.  While "CBB" is only 3 weeks long, things are looking promising since we have this early wardrobe malfunction combined with the fact that the alcohol is flowing freely and seemingly without restriction in the house. Check out Omarosa's tit in all it's glory below:

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