Friday, February 8, 2019

BBCeleb Nude: Natalie Eva Marie Slight Nipple Slip

Natalie Marie Nipple Slip
Unfortunately the cast of Celebrity Big Brother season 2 has mostly been a careful one when it comes to not allowing much nudity on camera. Even so, the star of the season has undoubtedly been former WWE Superstar Natalie Eva Marie. Even without many fully naked views, just Eva Marie in a bikini was a show all in itself.

So now that we're entering the last few days of the season and sadly, Natalie Eva Marie is on the block, it's only fitting that we at least get a nipple slip before it's all over. Her boobs were outstanding this season and they really made use wish we had the full 3+ months to see more of them. It sucks that production tries to protect the celebrities and makes sure the shower doors are high etc., because Eva Marie really could have given our site some outstanding content.

What we do have is a brief nipple slip from Natalie as she pulled the straps up on a tank top. She really should get an award for managing those huge melons and always figuring out a way to keep them hidden. We knew we at least had to get a peek at her nipples at some point, and that's what we have today.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

BBCeleb Nude: Dina Lohan Ass Flash

Dina Lohan Nude
When we first learned that Dina Lohan was cast on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, our immediate thought was of all the nudity her daughter Lindsay Lohan has provided us over the years. Our second thought was "hey, she's only 56, maybe she will deliver some MILF nudity herself in the Big Brother house!"

While Dina has been labeled the "Momager" due to her job managing her kids' careers, she's pretty much played the older mom role in the house thus far too. Then today suddenly she threw on a super short dress and gave the cameras something to think about. As she searched the entire house for her lost glasses, suddenly she was bent over a bed and her ass was in plain view.

The cameras frantically switched angles and zoomed out, not knowing whether to look or look away (probably like many viewers since the mom figure in the house usually isn't the one flashing her bare ass.)

Now seeing Dina Lohan's ass alone is enough for a post topic, but there is an even bigger question looming: was Dina Lohan even wearing panties?!  As you'll see in the pics below, Dina was wearing a very short dress with either TINY panties or nothing at all under. Did she forget about the cameras? Did she realize she needs more camera time since the cameras are usually focused on trying to catch something from the likes of Natalie Eva Marie? Maybe she just thought no one would be that perverted as to look....wrong.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

BBCeleb Nude: Natalie Eva Marie Bikini Boobs and Braless

Natalie Eva Marie Boobs
We had a feeling after we announced that former WWE star Natalie Eva Marie had been cast on this season of Celebrity Big Brother that it wouldn't be long before she gave us something to post about. Surprisingly it took longer than expected since it's been a week and Natalie has kept her huge boobs fairly well hidden.

It seems that with a few people already evicted, Eva Marie may be getting a little more comfortable as she decided to walk around braless after bouncing her breasts around in the hot tub for a few minutes. Her tits get attention every time they're in any kind of view because they really are just huge.

The trip to the hot tub included Lolo and Tamar who marveled at Eva's tits that were somehow held in by some sort of super strong bikini top. Then when the motion in the pool was turned on it was a true boob bouncing bonanza. After the pool the girls hit the shower and Natalie put on a mere tank top that had no chance against her mass of breast.

Without a bra, a thin piece of cloth does nothing to hide Natalie's boobs and it was basically like her walking around topless. We've got some caps below of Natalie Eva Marie's boob show and a nice ass shot as she entered the shower as well. We're definitely hoping she keeps getting more comfortable, less careful, and stays throughout entire time the Celebrity Big Brother feeds are live:

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Former WWE Star Eva Marie Cast on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

Celebrity Big Brother Eva Marie Nude
We were glad to see Celebrity Big Brother is coming back for a second season and today the list of houseguests was
 revealed. For us that means we immediately start zeroing in on our nudity targets, and we definitely have one in former WWE and Total Divas star Natalie Eva Marie.

Of course our hopes are high for seeing Eva Marie naked on Celebrity Big Brother because...well, look at her; but also because nudity has been a subject that came up on her previous reality show, Total Divas.

The topic stirred a bit of controversy on that show because some of her fellow WWE stars Googled Eva Marie and found some pretty naked modeling pics she did prior to WWE. Eva explained that the pics were taken during a "dark time" when she was heavily drinking, but since then it's become apparent that Eva has become even hotter and in great we're ready to see a happy and healthy Eva Marie naked on the Big Brother live feeds!