Monday, June 19, 2017

BB19 Nude: Christmas Abbot Naked in Inked Magazine

Once every few years we experience the joy of finding out one of the new Big Brother houseguests has posed nude before we ever get to see them on live feeds; such is the case with BB19 houseguest Christmas Abbot who is a well known fitness star, and we've uncovered that she has posed nude for Inked Magazine.

At first glance it seemed like Christmas would be the bad ass trainer girl who might not be very feminine, but after further inspection it seems like she might bring a little bit of everything to the Big Brother 19 house.  For one thing, she doesn't seem to mind getting naked as evident in these pics from Inked Magazine.  None of the photos are overly raunchy and don't show TOO much, but we all know the feeds are 24/7 so we may see more from Christmas than first expected.

It should be interesting to see if any of the houseguests have heard of Christmas (boy that name is going to be the source of so many puns this season) since she has been in major magazines and websites for years.  From working in NASCAR to Olympic Weightlifting, Christmas does it all and she looks hot doing it. It seems like Christmas may own the physical competitions this year, and we'll be waiting to watch her shower after for sure!

So check out our first big of Big Brother 19 nudity in these sexy photos of Christmas Abbot nude in Inked Magazine - here's to hoping we see a lot more of her this season:

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