Friday, June 30, 2017

BB19 Nude: Elena Full Frontal Flash

Big Brother 19 Elena Naked
This has to be some sort of record for our site - two posts on nudity within the first 24 hours of Big Brother live feeds!  Earlier we reported on the Christmas nipple slip from last night, and now Elena has already delivered the full monty by opening her towel for a full frontal nude flash!

When we first saw Elena on the CBS show, of course we noticed her huge boobs so figured she would probably be careful to cover them up because they're just so big - and after reading her Big Brother profile she apparently even had a breast REDUCTION.  So after feeling like we would probably not be seeing her topless at all, 24 hours in and here they are!

Basically what went down is Elena came out of the HOH shower while Jessica was in the bathroom with her - Elena just first opened her towel and then seems to just remove it completely (the cameras didn't catch this part) until Jessica pointed out that the live feeds were seeing it all.  Elena responded that she didn't think cameras would be on in there (we love that!) then gave an "OH WELL" type of vibe....these ladies are getting are hopes up VERY high for this season.

So what is better about all this....the fact that Elena didn't care that cameras were seeing her full frontal nudity, or the fact that she openly got naked right in front of Jessica without caring that she was looking right at her?  We'll let you all think that one over!

When we were first alerted about the nudity in the caps below, we were a bit confused because at first glance it looks like Jessica standing there in a towel - but be sure to look at the left side of the pics because Elena was actually caught naked in the mirror:


  1. Tonight on bb after dark mark/elena/paul/raven/Matt were all laughing about how earlier (that day?) Elena was out of the shower in a long top with no panties, said to mark she needed to go put panties on..and then as she was getting up completely flashed her legs wide open in front of the camera. Not too sure if cameras caught it but now it just seems like she's doing this on purpose lol

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  2. Come on! Everyone is here to see Jessica and you have none posted!


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